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Friday, February 5, 2016

{Feature Friday} #61

Happy Friday everyone!
 I hope your week has been good to you. 
Have any fun plans for the weekend?! 

We plan on tackling a project or two and I have to clean the mess known as our house since we are having over 20 people over to a last minute Super Bowl Party. Going to be fun but dreading the getting to Sunday afternoon. 

In the mean time, I have rounded up some great ideas from last week's Handmade Hangout Party
Today, I thought I would share all things Valentine's Day to help get you in the spirit! 

Thanks for linking up everyone! 
Feel free to grab a Featured Button if you'd like!  

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend!! :)


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Handmade Hangout Party #87

Are you ready to party?! Let's do it!
Show us what you've been working on! 

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

Allison from A Glimpse Inside

Becca from From Gardners to Bergers

Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands

Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Valerie from Occasionally Crafty

Alli from Made with HAPPY

We have just a few easy rules:
1. Become a follower of the blog where you linked up. Or you can follow all of us and that would be awesome too!
2. Share our button or party link in your post or wherever you share your linky parties.

 photo handmade hangout- small logo AGI 3_zpscbsuugus.jpg

3. Have fun!!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

125+ Crock Pot Recipes

We officially got dumped on with a ton of snow yesterday and even though Spring is apparently going to come early, I feel like it is still very far away! 

One of my favorite things to use during the cold winter days is my crock pot. It is seriously the best invention ever! I still use it in the summer as well but I put it to work in the winter. In fact, I've used it the last 3 days and have more meals planned this week with it. 

I thought I would round up all sorts of yummy Crock Pot recipes for you today. 
Some of these may not state that they are a crock pot recipe but I included them because I actually have cooked them in my crock pot. 

If you are going to pin one of these delicious recipes, please click on the link and pin from the original source OR pin the collage image above. Thanks! :)

This is one that I make in the crock pot but doesn't do it in the recipe and it just falls apart! 

(This is a favorite of ours and actually is one of the meals that I made in my last few days crock pot marathon.)

Just made this as well! 

Another favorite of ours! SOOOOO YUMMY!! 

 On our menu this week! 

I hope that gives you a wide range of ideas for new fun meals to try! 


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Easy Valentine Bark

I am back today with a much happier post.
It contains chocolate which ALWAYS makes me happy! 

Bark isn't a new idea. There are tons of different versions out there.

I thought it would be fun to make some Valentine Bark and it is something that the girls could help with. 

 Bark is seriously so easy to create! 

-Sanding Sugar
-Conversation Hearts

Or any other candy you would like on your bark.

Melt the chocolate according to the package directions.

Place wax paper on a cookie sheet.

Spread the melted chocolate on the wax paper.

Time to put the toppings on.

I started with the M&Ms since it was largest item I was using.

Sprinkles next.

 And lastly the sanding sugar.

Place the finished bark in the refrigerator until it is hard.

Once it is hard, pull it out, break it up, and it is ready to eat! 

See! Super easy and you can do so much! 

We normally make peppermint bark during Christmas along with milk chocolate with nuts. So yummy!! 


Monday, February 1, 2016

Our First Baby, Oscar

This weekend didn't turn out to be as joyous as I would have like it. Instead of being super happy that Travis returned from his 3 week long work trip, we are grieving the loss of our first born, Oscar.

I've talked about him in the past but not very much recently.
 He has been sick with a thyroid issue, diabetes, went blind due to the diabetes, and then a new skin issue for the last few years. Even though he has been sick, this was totally unexpected and wasn't even from any of the above.

But I don't want to talk about his sickness.
Let me talk tell you more about him.

We got this little cutie about 6 months after we got married when he was 4 months old.
We looked all over for a small dog that didn't shed and found him a few hours away in North Carolina so down we went one weekend.

There was only him and 2 of his siblings left. He was the calmest one when we walked up to the cage and he totally tricked us! lol
His originally name was actually Guns and one of his sisters was Roses but we decided to change his name to Oscar on our ride home. Not sure how we decided on Oscar but it just seemed to fit although Guns would have fit him just fine as well since he turned out to be a solid ball of muscle! 

He was a totally ball of energy going nonstop day and night.

He would play fetch until he was literally physically exhausted and could barely move. 
It was his most favorite thing in the world. 

Well maybe.

His actually favorite thing was his daddy! 

Even though Travis left for a deployment when he was only 6 mths old, this boy was strictly a daddy's boy! And the feeling was mutual

He believed he was a cat at times. He would lay on top of the back cushions of our couch or chairs regularly.

 He would even hang out with his brother on top of his cage looking out the window together.

He enjoyed a good sun puddle on a sunny day.

And even loved playing in the snow! 

No matter how cold, how covered in snowballs he was, he would run around and play and eat the snow.

Going for a swim was also fun but he sure didn't enjoy the baths afterwards.

He loved any and everyone he meant including his little brother and sisters.

 And he was the cutest little Santa you ever did see at Christmas! 

He's been with us through ever move.
He got used to them and would find his place during move in and out and would love the car rides to our next location.

Oscar has been my little buddy through 3 deployments. His daddy was gone but he stuck by my side no matter what.

As he got older, he slowed down a bit.

He'd find a comfortable spot to relax more often.

He'd take up the whole couch if he could.

And he still enjoyed those warm sunny days.

But even with being sick he still loved life and wanted to play! 

This was a shot from this Christmas. I love this shot of him.
I wonder what he is thinking as he stares at the tree.

Oscar was a loyal pooch. 
No matter what, he was by your side.
He drove me nuts, a lot of the time, but he was my little Bubba.

He actually knew we were having girls before we did! 
He predicted it with balloons. We had pink and blue balloons and asked him to pop the one that the baby was. BOTH pregnancies he popped the pink balloons no matter how many times we asked him. HOW CRAZY COOL IS THAT?! 

I do have a little bit of mom guilt. 
I feel like I should have known he was as sick as he was especially since I was the only one with him the last 3 weeks.
Friday night was horrible and I wish I did more so help him even though I feel like I did all that I really could.
And then when I took him to the vet Saturday morning, I didn't say goodbye to him before the vet quickly rushed him off but I thought I would be picking him back up that afternoon. 
Travis came home and he went to pick him up when we got the bad news that he was far worse than we first thought so he was the only one there in the end. 

I know he was happy with his life but I still feel bad.

The vet gave us this sweet little paw print to keep after we was put to sleep. 
I'm so happy to have it. 

Since it just happened, I'm still having my breakdowns. 
I still expect to see him walk around the corner.
I keep looking for him at the front door.

I know that all will pass over time but I didn't expect to take this as hard as I am.

Pets are apart of your family and losing them is just as hard as losing a human family member. 
But I am thankful that they always leave a permanent place on our hearts.

 Sorry for the sad post today. 
I just felt like I needed to share the normal part of our everyday life, probably more for me than for you.

RIP my handsome boy, Oscar, aka- Bubba
I hope you really know how much I really did love you.

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