Friday, April 18, 2014


My parents came in for a visit and they didn't arrive until Thursday evening so by the time they got all settled and we were chatting, I just didn't have time to write up today's Feature Friday post. 

I promise I will get one up though! It may be later today or tomorrow but one will be up showing off some of your awesome ideas that you linked up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party.

In the meantime, go check out the ideas at this week's party and if you haven't yet, join the party by linking up your great ideas! 

Happy Friday! 

And just in case I forget... Happy Easter as well! :)


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Catch a Glimpse Party #178

Let's PARTY!  

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What fabulous ideas do you have to share this week?


1.) Link up any crafts, recipes, home decor, tips, etc.

2.) PLEASE be sure to link to your specific post not your general blog. (I will delete any posts that do not follow this criteria.)

3.) Add my button or a link to my blog in your post or somewhere on your blog so others can come party too. (You can find my button code by clicking on the button icon in the top, left column.)

4.) PLEASE visit and comment on the post before you and after you, on top of any others that catch your eye. Everyone loves comment love!

5.) And most importantly... HAVE FUN!!


What's in Your Handbag Series: Anna from Directions Not Included

Well hello there! I'm Anna from Directions Not Included.
I'm so excited to be here to share what is inside my handbag.

I love a good handbag. Actually, I'm a recovering handbag-addict. My addiction is under control now and I have two that are currently in rotation. Both of these are Marc Jacobs bags that I scored at ridiculous discounts. The tote-like one is what I use to haul my laptop around for work and the leather one is my weekend/every day bag. Handbags

Since I use two bags throughout the week (well, more actually if you count all my weekend clutches, etc) I need to contain my stuff in a way that is easy to move from handbag to handbag. This is my overview of what is almost ALWAYS in my bag. My iPhone, beautiful aqua wallet, my Stella & Dot makeup bag, and my super cheap purse organizer. Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded

I have makeup issues. Okay, not really issues, but I love makeup and always have a full set of goodies on me. One of my besties sells Stella & Dot items so I keep all my fun stuff in a cute little bag from them. I could post for hours on makeup so I will refrain. These are just some of my every day essentials. Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded2

While makeup means a ton to me. I don't leave home without these two. Ever. My iPhone and my pretty wallet. I scored this wallet thanks to my mother-in-law's gift cards for my birthday a few years ago. Sadly, my original version was stolen last year around Halloween. Thankfully, I was able to finally find the same one. Obviously, you can tell it is my favorite color since my phone case matches the wallet. I have problems. Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded1

Now this is my lifesaver. I carry all sorts of stuff in my purse all the time. Business cards (both blog, consulting, and day job), essential oils (yes, I'm one of those), cables, hair ties, iPods, EpiPens, notebooks, etc. Carrying all of this loose in my handbag would be a mess. I found this cheap but practical organizer on Amazon and LOVE IT. Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded3

I use the side pockets for all my small goodies, then use the central area for my home design notebook. It has my paint swatches, measurements, and fabric items with me at all times. I had this all scattered about for some time until Our Fifth House shared her secret.
Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded4Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded5Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded6

 I hope you find my handbag contents useful. Or maybe you cringe at how organized I can be!

 Thanks for having me, Allison!

Thanks for sharing your handbag Anna!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Watercolored Coffee Filter Flowers

Yesterday, I shared my Spring mantle decor and you saw a glimpse of the watercolored coffee filter flowers I created. 
 These were a totally random idea. I was sitting in my craft area, trying to figure out what to add/make for the mantle and I wanted to use materials I had on hand and these came to mind. 

I was eager to make them and once the first one was complete, I was SO excited with how it turned out! 

They are SUPER easy to make as well. 
Here is how you can make your own.

-Coffee Filters
-Watercolor Paint (I bought this set for Miss P and borrowed them before she used them.)
-Glue Gun

First, take a coffee filter and flatten it out.

With the color of your choice, paint the edge of the coffee filter.
Let dry.

You will need 7 to 10 normal sized coffee filters for a large sized flower.

For the main part of the flower, you will paint a coffee filter as is, then fold one in half and in half again and cut the edge off about a 1/4 in., and for the last filter, fold the same way and cut more off so you have three different petal sizes.

I then cut out the very center section of a filter to make the center "eye" of the flower.
I painted the outside the same as the petal color and then painted a few different colors to make the center of the flower to give it some depth.

 Once all the filters are dry, it is time to glue them together.
Layer each of the cut filter on top of each other. Only place the glue in the center of the filter.

Then, you will take 3 more filters for the next set of petals. Glue them equally around the main flower section.

Continuing gluing the rest of the petals layering them as you go.
The more petals you add, the bigger your flower will be.

Time to add the texture.
To start, fold in and scrunch the eye layer and the next two layers.
Then just take the flower in your hand and scrunch it into a ball. 

Release the flower and let it open on it's own.
For the inner layers, gently pull back the petals until you see the center "eye" layer.

If you don't like what the flower looks like, you can rescrunch it.

Here is the flower complete! 

I made a few different sizes and placed them around the mantle.
The yellow and purple flowers, are the large 10+ petal flowers.
The pink flower on the mantle is only created with 7 petals.
The two flowers on the wall are only the main 4 petals.

I love the center peaking out from within the bright colorful petals. 

They are the perfect pop of color on my mostly white mantle and defintely helped get me more into the spring time spirit since it is still pretty blah here in CO.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Mantle Decor

I finally decorated my mantle for Spring... nothing like waiting until the week before Easter to do it. 
I used all items I had on hand or made items with supplies I had on hand and I love how it came out. 

 I didn't want to make it too Eastery, especially since it is just the week before Easter, so I only did a few Easter elements and the rest is just spring so I can easily make the entire thing spring.

Here are some closer shots of the different elements. 

We have had these frames since we lived in KY. We picked them up at our favorite thrift store in Louisville, Tickled Pink, and I FINALLY just got around to painting them and getting them up on the wall. 
I am SO thrilled to finally have them up!! 

I added a few decorations to them but nothing major- just a little bunting banner here and there, and then I added two of the coffee filter flowers I created (tutorial to come tomorrow) inside two of the frames. 

On the left side of the mantle I placed an Easter basket that I've had for years now on it's side and placed the eggs spilling out of it with Easter grass. 
I then put two little birds I bought at World Market last year by and on the basket along with another coffee filter flower sitting on a mason jar.

On the right side, I placed three large coffee filter flowers. 
Two on mason jars and one just on the mantle. 
I also placed another bird by the flowers... oops- he got cut out of the pic! 

Here is a full shot of the top portion of the mantle. 
I also created a braided ribbon garland (tutorial also coming- so simple!) and draped it onto the front of the mantle.

In the bottom of the fireplace, I placed the large lantern I used to have on top of the mantle, a cloche full of eggs, another coffee filter flower, and then a plaque I created using printable vinyl (tutorial for this coming too!)

I love how it all came out!
It is a lot of white but with the bright pops of color it is perfect for spring and perhaps last a little longer into summer as well. 

And stay tuned for all the tutorials on many of the projects I have on my mantle.

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