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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Back to School Round Up and a FREE Printable!

My kids head back to school on August 9th. AUGUST 9th!!! How is it possible that we are a mere two weeks away from school starting. This year is flying by...which means the summer has flown by as well! I am sure some of you still have a few weeks of summer left so just stash this post where you can find it when you're ready to start!

We are pretty ready...I think! Uniforms are hanging in the closet. School supplies have been purchased, organized and are in the kids backpacks. We have back to school night next week, we'll get to see the teachers, classrooms etc and drop off all the supplies ahead of time. My third child is SO excited to be starting kindergarten and I am so excited for her too because her teacher is AWESOME!

I am feeling a little ahead of the game but I have some more things I feel the need to prepare. Along with the start of the school year also comes the start of my job for the year. I will be working in the afternoons program at the kids school. I am so excited to have this job again after taking a year off when Josiah was born. I am also a little sad to be leaving my two youngest while I go to work. Isn't that a constant struggle...when you're home all the time you want to work but when you're working you want to be home! Well, it is for me at least.

In order to prepare myself a little more before we head out the door for school I am doing a few things. I am going to print out some great lunchbox notes, cut them out and put them in my cabinet so they are ready for the lunch boxes. Then I don't even have to think about that anymore. My kids LOVE telling jokes so I will make sure to print the lunch box jokes from Paging Super mom.

And these from Kiki and Company are great too!

Kristi, at I Should be mopping the floor has some great ideas for what to send for lunch. She also included a printable of some super cute love notes to throw in the kids lunch boxes as well.
Several awesome ideas for making healthy school lunches without sandwiches. And free Lunch Love Notes printable included!

My older two kids have a new teacher this year, so I love this "teacher questionnaire" from the girls at eighteen25.

I absolutely love this teacher gift that Cindy has on her Skip to My Lou blog. Let your child's teacher know that you are willing to give them a hand whenever they need it. Plus, doesn't everyone that has children with them all day probably need some soap!?!

I'm sure the teachers wouldn't mind a little salty/sweet treat to start off the year either. Check out this cute tag from Bonnie at Simply This and That.

I also love these reuseable mugs and tags that The Crafted Sparrow made to give to her kids teachers. I may just have to make a couple of these as well!!

I don't think I'm ambitious enough to throw a back to school party but if you are Amanda's parties has you covered. She has a great set of free printables on her blog!

I love the idea of a fun back to school dinner. There are some great ideas and links to some great printables over at Marci Coombs!

And don't forget to have your kids stand out front of your house with their sign telling which grade they are going into! There are so many fun signs out there and you can totally make your own just by writing it on a chalkboard but I love these printables from Kristin at Yellow Bliss Road. She also included a printable interview for the kiddos to fill out on their first day of school. It's always fun to see how much they learn and grow.
Free printable first day of school photo signs

I created this little printable for you as well. I thought it would go great as a stand alone gift, something you could frame or make a tag with it and attach it to a small gift! Just right click on the image and "save as". I'd love to see how you use it! Tag me on instagram!! #purejoycreative

Next month we'll talk freezer meals. I always like to prep a bunch of freezer meals each month just to make sure we're not eating out more than we should be. I have also organized a freezer meal swap so I'll be sure to tell you all about it in August! Happy Back to School!!!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wood Geometric Art

It's the end of July, which is crazy, so it is time for this month's "Craft with Me" post.

 I created this to add to my gallery wall in my craft room and it is a super simple project! 

 You only need a few supplies and this can be done in a short time.

-Wood Canvas (I bought this version at Wal Mart)
-Acrylic Paint
-Painter's Tape
-Graphic Design Tape
-Paint Brushes
-Mod Podge (optional)

Begin by using the painter's tape to tape off the edges. 
I only taped off about a 1/4 in around the edge for a small border.

 Then using graphic design tape or another similar thin type, and tape off whatever pattern that you would like.
I just tape off randomly and added a piece where I wanted.

Time to paint! 
Paint in whatever color scheme you would like. I painted with a lot of white and then picked colors that matched items already in my gallery wall but you could do a monochromatic color scheme, only two or three colors?
Anything you'd like! 

I'll admit, I was super nervous about my final design at this point and actually didn't like it. If it happens to you, relax! The dark tape totally throws you off!

Once you finish painting, remove all the tape to reveal your final product.

And I LOVED it so much better after the tape was removed and the nerves settled down.

Once dry, I gave it a coat of gloss Mod Podge but this is optional.
 Then I added it to my gallery wall. 
I added it to the top and I have plans to make an embroidery hoop to add next to it on the left.
 I really like how it turned out and it was so easy!! 

You can make all sorts of different patterns though! 
Even triangle, a star, random like this. Just look up some geometric patterns and go to town! 

If you make your own version of Geometric Art I'd love to see it! 


Monday, July 25, 2016

Fabric Covered "Play" Word Art

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! 
 Travis was home for the first weekend in about a month so needless to say we all enjoyed the much needed family time. 

I have been finding some time to get a little crafty lately, which is awesome because I definitely felt like I was in a slump, and this is a projected I completed one afternoon last week.

I love how it turned out and it was pretty easy to do as well, just takes a little bit of time, but I completed it in one nap time session. 

 Here's what I did.

-Large wooden word of your choice (I got this fabulous Play from my blogging friend Amanda and her new shop, Impressions Shop.)
-Quilting Batting
-Spray Adhesive
-Hot Glue Gun (low temp gun is the way to go to save your finger tips!)

 Begin by rolling out your batting and then placing your word on top of it.

Cut out a large chunk of the batting around your word giving yourself a seam allowance.

After you have your batting cut out, set that aside and roll out some paper towel or a piece of cardboard, just something large enough to protect the area around you, and place your word on top.

Spray the spray adhesive all over the letters.
Remove it from the protective base and then place the batting on top.
Smooth your hand over all the letters to ensure that the batting has been glued down.

 Time to trim the batting!

Trim it close to the wood and don't forget the centers of the letters! 

Leave a slight overhang on the batting so it wraps down over the sides of the letters to soften the edges. 
I cut it short enough that it didn't go onto the back of the letter, just stayed on the side. 

You will repeat the same process with the fabric.
Cut one large piece, glue it to the batting, the trim around to cut down the extra fabric.

When trimming, make sure to leave enough fabric for the all the detailed areas.
DO NOT cut the fabric of the center of the letters yet!

 Time to glue down the fabric.
Just apply some hot glue to the back of your letter and wrap the fabric to the back, pulling tight.
Make sure you don't pull too much of the fabric from the other side of the letter but if you glue it down, you should me ok.

When you get to a rounded part or small corner, just pleat the fabric as you glue it down.

Continuing gluing all the way around of the letter.
If you have too much fabric on one side or in a spot, just trim it as you go.

The back isn't pretty much it is all glued down! 

Once the letters are complete and all glued, take a rotary cutter or scissors and cut out the center of your letters.

Glue the same way as the outside.

And that's it! 
It is complete and ready to be hung! 

I left my back as is, all messy, since no one will see it anyways but if you can't stand to leave it like that, you can cut and glue felt to the back of it to hide all the mess.

To hang on the wall I just used some picture hanging strips from Command and it worked like a charm.

I love it up on the wall in the girl's playroom! 

It was the perfect addition to the gallery wall and the colors matched all the other pieces perfectly!
Makes me want to play, how about you?! 

Be sure to check out Impressions Shop to see their great words! 


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