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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Glittered Rudolph from Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Sumo's Sweet Stuff has a super cute Christmas craft for all of you today! 

I’m Sumo, and I blog over at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff.

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I share lots of sewing and crafting over on my blog. I’ve got three little girls, so the sewing alone keeps me plenty busy! I am so excited for Allison and her new sweet baby. We are all about the sister love around here, and our three girls all came within three years (not planned – but we LOVE it!) so I just know that Allison is going to love having her two little ladies close together.

Christmas is my favorite, and I am just ready for the season, so I thought I would share a quick and simple decoration to get you in the holiday spirit!

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Here’s what you’ll need:

- iron on vinyl (mine is from Cricut)
- digital cutting machine (I used my Cricut Mini)
- fabric
- iron
- frame

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Open up Cricut Craft Room, or whatever software you are working in. Search for a deer head or reindeer, or something in that vein.

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Go ahead and size it to as big as you like.

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Now this isn’t important in this case – since it doesn’t really matter which way the reindeer is facing. But if you were working with text, you’d want to make sure to reverse your image!

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Now put the iron on vinyl on your cutting mat – glitter side down – and cut. Peel away the negative space.

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Cut a piece of fabric to the size of your frame. Mine was 11”x14”.

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Put your design on the fabric, and iron it down really well. Peel up the clear backing slowly; if the design comes up with it, put it back down and iron it some more until it adheres to the fabric.

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Now Rudolph has a shiny nose, so in our house full of girls, we opted for a pink sparkly nose. You could cut this by hand, or with your machine; either works! Iron that baby on.

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Stick it in the frame and you’ve got yourself some holiday cheer, ready to welcome in Santa!

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Hang it on your wall, place it on your mantle; Rudolph can find a home anywhere, right?

Glittered Rudolph at #christmas #holiday #decoration

Thanks for having me today!
 I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
Come visit me at Sumo’s Sweet Stuff anytime!

Super cute!! Thanks so much for sharing Sumo! 

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  1. so cute! i really need to get a cricut it doesn't seem so difficult after all


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