Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Simple Pine Cone Bird Feeder

This post was first shared over at Skip to My Lou on 8/12/2015 but I wanted to share it here with you fine folks as well. 
Since we moved from CO to WI and our new house has so many more bushes and trees than our last house had, we have so much more wild life around!
The girls are young enough that they are still very excited about birds and seeing other creatures in our yard, especially since returning from my aunt's house in MI, so I thought I would create and share something that I remember doing when I was little and in school.
Best part, it is fast and EASY!
pinecone bird feeder- labeled 2
It is so easy that you can have kids of many ages do it.
Here’s how you can make your own.
pinecone bird feeder- supplies 
-Pine cones (found outside or store bought)
-Bird Seed
-Paper Plates
-Twine or string
-Peanut Butter
-Knife for spreading

pinecone bird feeder- twine 
To begin, tie some twine or string around the top of the pine cone.
I also recommend tapping the pine cone on the ground (if found outside) to knock out any little bugs that may be making your pine cone home, especially if you are doing this inside with your kids.
Don't want a little friend crawling out as you are trying to smear it with peanut butter! 
pinecone bird feeder- peanut butter 
Using a knife, smear peanut butter all over the pine cone, making sure to go up and under each piece of the cone.
I did this step for the girls since they are young but if your kids are older you can let them do this step by themselves.
pinecone bird feeder- both girls 
Then it is time to cover the peanut butter with the bird seeds. Perfect job for little hands!
After they had it mostly covered, I just doubled checked that the peanut butter was completely covered with the seed before we hung them.
I will say, Miss S was 21 mths when we did this and she MAY have tried to eat the bird seed when I wasn't looking so if you do have younger kiddos, perhaps keep a closer eye on them. 
pinecone bird feeder- covered pinecone 
Totally covered in seed and ready to hang.
pinecone bird feeder- 2 hanging 
We hung both pine cones in our willow tree that we can see from our kitchen window so we can keep an eye on them.
pinecone bird feeder- complete 
See! So fast and easy and now you can just sit back and see what they attract.
If you do have squirrels in your area, they will probably find this before the birds and they will do anything to get it!
pinecone bird feeder- squirrel 
 See it! Crazy talented squirrel! I guess I’m glad someone enjoyed it! lol

 This is a super great project to do any time of year but with winter coming up and food sources getting scarce, this would be awesome to do to give those little birdies a little something extra to eat. 
If you make some of these, I hope you get some fun birds visiting!


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