Friday, December 8, 2017

MHCT&M: Vintage Inspired DIY Christmas Crafts

Happy Friday friends! 
Bev here from Flamingo Toes today and I've gathered up some of my very favorite vintage inspired DIY Christmas Crafts!

 If you love vintage and retro style Christmas decor this list is sure to get you inspired to start creating!


 Retro Winter Wonderland Wreath  


 If you love the look of vintage Christmas ornaments but can't find any around, try making them yourself!  

  Giant tinsel garland make a fantastic vintage-looking wreath! Add vintage ornaments to complete the look.  

 Repurposed mini jello mold silver bells! 

Repurposed folding rulers Christmas tree
  The Easiest DIY Christmas Pillow Ever  


  6-DSC_0093 (2)  

   custom color vintage Christmas lights  

  DIY vintage farmhouse style baking tin ornaments  

  09-DSC_0130 (2)  

  I've been imagining these dimensional Christmas centerpiece for weeks and finally found time to try out the idea! You'll love these cool trees! 



I love all of these!! 
Guess I better get busy and start crafting!!
Your hostesses,
The Scrap Shoppe | Flamingo Toes | Mine for the Making | A Glimpse Inside

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Handmade Hangout Party #183

December is here, which is so crazy to me, and there aren't many more parties for 2017 so let's get this party started! 
Share your ideas below and explore to get some new ones! 

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

Allison from A Glimpse Inside

Becca from From Gardners to Bergers

Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands

Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Alli from Made with HAPPY

We have just a few easy rules:
1. Become a follower of the blog where you linked up. Or you can follow all of us and that would be awesome too!
2. Share our button or party link in your post or wherever you share your linky parties.

 photo handmade hangout- small logo AGI 3_zpscbsuugus.jpg

3. Have fun!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This, That, and Everything in Between- November 2017

Another month has passed by and we are that much closer with each passing day to Christmas, New Year's Eve, followed by 2018. That just seems so utterly crazy to me! 
Why is when you are a kid, it feels like time goes by slowly but as an adult, and as an adult with kids, it flies so freaking fast?! For real?! 
Perhaps it is also the fact that lately I feel like a chicken running around with their head cut off. Going in every direction attempting to get something checked off the to do list, circling around to something else and the list just keeps on growing. Ok, I'll digress! 

Today is all about recapping our activities from November! I feel like the month was crazy busy and I don't have a ton of pictures but here's what we did...

 The very first day of the month began with Miss S turning 4!! She was so excited! 
She got to go to school to have her first school birthday party where we took a cookie cake and she got a birthday crown and she did not want to take that off all day long! She made out in the birthday gift department this year too and had a fantastic day.

 A few days later we celebrated her birthday again with friends at her Shimmer and Shine party. It was a great day and she loved it, if you can't tell by the blurry picture of her! lol

 The party was fun but I think the girls has just as much fun or more playing in all the draping as we were taking it down from the walls and ceiling.

 Miss S got a Snow White wig, her favorite princess, for her birthday so we've been living with Snow White on and off ever since. She sure looks cute with all that hair!

 On the 7th it was time to celebrate Travis turning another year older! We opened gifts, went out to dinner, and then instead of a cake, had Culver's concretes for dessert.

 Miss P had her first school program on Veteran's Day. Travis had the day off so we all got to go and enjoy the program.

 Travis and I have been lucky enough to go on a lot more date nights recently. We snuck out one evening to dinner, a quick little thrift store shopping, and then went to go see a Christmas play at the local theater.

 There were quite a few super busy days and evenings mid month with tons of work and school activities but I was able to sneak in a paint party teaching some of my fellow Army spouses how to paint the Winter Farm. This was such a fun party!

 Miss P had Thanksgiving lunch at her school and we were all able to go eat with her. She was so excited we were there!

 This is our one and only shot from actually Thanksgiving. We had some of our really good friends over that will soon be moving and we were having such a great time, none of use took any more pictures! The girls were exhausted from playing and the adults had a great time chatting, drinking, and eating.

 The day after Thanksgiving I got all my fall decor put away and brought out all of my Christmas decorations instead of going out shopping. Though I must state, I finished shopping and the gifts are already wrapped and it feels so good!! Now to just find the time to fill out Christmas cards!

 The month came to an end with much warmer weather than we had all month and we had some gorgeous ORANGE sun rises. The entire sky looked like it was on fire multiple mornings. And for a girl that hates to wake up early enough to see a sun rise, the sky made it worth it!

To round out this month's recap I'll share some cute pictures of our fur babies.
Poppy has discovered that we have turned on our in floor heating in our master bathroom and it has become her favorite napping spot. And who can blame her? It is always nice ans cozy in there!

 And one more of Patton... he has to be with me all the time. If he can't sit and cuddle with me he has to be near some how. I was working on making some birthday banners for our good friends and this was where he decided to hang out while I worked on the floor. Comfortable but he kept his watch on me with that one exposed eye.

I'm sure I am missing something to share because it was a very busy month but that is all for now! 
Stay tuned for our December activities!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Home Tour

I finished putting up all my Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving, although I may still be tweaking things here and there, but I wanted to share it with you today.

I just work my way from room to room like I normally do and show you how I decorated certain spaces. 

I'll begin by our front door.
On top of our small ledge, I placed the Vintage Truck Sign I created with a wooden tree that I bought from Michael's this year. 
I then hung my String Art Decorated Tree from one of the hooks but I am still debating on if this is where it is going to live this holiday season.

 I decorated my mantle pretty much exactly the same as last year since I loved the look so much of it. 
O Holy Night sign hangs above my metal Nativity, with some lighted garland and white and gold wooden trees, then our stockings hangings to finalize the look.

 One on side of our entertainment center, I place this fun wood tree I bought last year and then this cute vintage truck I picked up this year at Target.

On one of our end tables, I have another fun wooden tree along with a small little globe of a light up house. Hiding behind the tree sits the container I stash all our holiday cards in as we get them.

On the bottom shelf of this table, sits our Christmas Painted Horse figurine and some plain wood trees.

Swinging around to our small round end table, I placed this cute little reindeer I found at Hobby Lobby this year. His mama sits on the other side of our entertainment center because both of them together were a little too much here. 

But next to the deer I have this cute little light up globe of two little deer next to some trees. My girls love this little thing! 

Our tree sits in its usual spot and I think I pretty much decorated it close to the same as last year. Some small changes are that I changed out the tree skirt to a white/silver skirt and I now have a metal tree ring covering the bottom of the tree instead of the wood one Travis made last year. It ended up getting messed up so he took it apart and made another project for me, that I have yet to finish and share. 
I always decorate this tree with my favorite glass ornaments and special ornaments. I always think, "this year I will do something different" and then I don't. lol

I had to change all the lights on the tree last year to LED lights and this thing shines nice and bright at night! 

Entering our dining room, I placed this Nativity set on my stacked crates.
My parents made this in 1977 for my grandparents and I just got it this year. It is large so I had to figure out where to put it and this ended up working really well. 

I placed a few pillows and a blanket on our bay window seat and as we read our Christmas books they get placed here. 

Garland on the bay window itself, green and then the awesome glass garland I bought for Miss S's birthday party. 

I wrapped it with the green garland for a little color over here but I realized I keep forgetting to hang something up in front of the window. We'll see if I remember to ever do it! lol

I did change up my table centerpiece this year though! 
I had this table runner from the dollar spot at Target, and then placed this stacked wooden tray set on the table full of little houses and bottle brushes.
Then two candles to round out the look.

 I love how this turned out and it was totally a happy accident! 
I had the shelf sitting on the table from it sitting out with fall decor on it and when I pulled out all the houses, which I totally forgot I bought on clearance last year, I had no idea what I was going to do with them. Miss P placed a few on the shelf playing and then I moved the rest of them there to really just get them out of the way and the more I looked at it, the more I loved it! 
So I rearranged it and added a few things and boom- centerpiece! 

Buffet is all colorful with my large JOY letters, fun reindeer and a small silver tinsel tree. 

Entering the mudroom I have our two mini trees full of homemade ornaments! 
We always have a family craft night before Christmas where we make new ornaments and these are the trees they go on! They are getting a little full though so some may get moved to the big tree soon! 

I had to change the lights to LED this year and they are fun and bright in the mudroom this year.

I hung my small 25 sign and my Reindeer Name Art on the wall above our chore charts.

Up on one of the cabinets in the mudroom I have a mini tree and a ceramic house that fit really well up there.

Our advent calendar is in the kitchen. I picked this up at Target a few years ago and we use it along with doing a Christmas book advent. 

On our little bar next to our fish tank, I have my one and only Santa figurine with a mini tree.
The fish need to feel festive too! 

On the peninsula, I have three little yarn trees I made years ago. I put these here because the girls climb up on the counters and get into the cabinet near them so I didn't want to put anything breakable here. 

And lastly, in my kitchen window above our sink, I placed my ceramic kissing angels. I love these guys and love looking at them while I do dishes. 

And that is about it. There are a few extra things here and there like the girls having trees in their own rooms but that is how I decorated the main living areas of our house this year.

Are you done decorating or are you still putting the finishing touches on things?

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