Thursday, June 8, 2017

Our Future Dream...

So I got a little personal yesterday in my this and that post but I am going to continue to get a little personal again today. 

 If you've been here a while or have read my About Me page, then you would have read that Travis and I have a dream to own an old plantation home and run it as an event venue for weddings or other fun events. 
I had the dream first then told Travis about it either while we were still dating or very early on in our marriage and he agreed that it would be something fun that we both could really enjoy and that once he retired from the Army, we would try to tackle this dream.

Well fast forward to last September when I got an email from an old house blog that shares fabulous old houses for sale and there was this gorgeous plantation house for sale in our home state of TN. 

Holy cow, it was everything we have talked about and more! 
I showed Travis and he immediately fell head over heels in love with this place, like love at first, must own in now, type of love. Me on the other hand, thought it is amazing, loved it, but I am the practical one and thought- we aren't at this point in our life yet so why did this have to come on the market right now since it was WAY out of our price range and we just weren't ready to make a 180 degree change in our lives.

Back to Travis who contacted the agent, actually talked to the owners, we had our good friends who live two minutes down the road from it tour the place and take a ton of pictures for us. Travis was going to find a way for us to get this place but it was again, crazy out of our budget and we just weren't ready. 

He constantly thought about this place, still secretly trying to find a way to buy it, as the price has slowly dropped over the past year. 

The current owners actually used it as a successful wedding venue but they actually live in GA and coming up to TN for the weddings, plus some family issues that arose, it became difficult for them so they decided to sell it. 

They put in a ton of work on the house when they bought it.
 Some work included putting in this giant patio perfect for a tent for outdoor parties plus a great deal of work on the inside of the house itself.

All the more perfect for us since it is practically ready to go! 

 The place has about 50 acres and has water running through it, a must on Travis's check list.

We also wanted a barn or some sort of out building we could use as another location option on the property and we were in luck with the old mill that is on the property.
Needs a TON of love to bring it back but it is there and we could work on that over time.

Early this year the price dropped even more and we were literally going to drive down to TN in a whirlwind weekend to see the place in person over a 4 day weekend in March to really try to figure something out but the week before we were to come someone finally put in an offer on the place. We found out it was now a short sale so the owners and bank had to approve the offer. Owners accepted but now we waited to see if the bank accepted it as well.

A few months went by and we heard nothing then all of a sudden 2 weeks ago Travis heard from the realtor, the bank didn't accept the offer. The house was still up for grabs! 

That was all Travis needed to hear for his mind to go crazy once again!  
Then boom... realtor emailed saying the bank decided that it was putting the house up for auction and it was a complete surprise to the owners! 
Worst part, auction was in 2 weeks, at this time, a week away.

We can't just let someone get this place and then do nothing with it or risk them not taking care of it and it falling into disrepair.

Maybe this is God's way of saying that you need to take advantage of this time and this is how you will finally be able to own this place whether you are prepared to or not.

So here we are, and why I am writing to you today. We want this house and we want to try to get it at this auction but after research that Travis has done we need cash in hand if we won the house with our bid and well... we don't have that much on hand to be able to do that. We are hoping to get it for a low enough price that we can own the home but Travis stay in the Army and we just do work on the house as we can and until we are fully ready and prepared to open it as a wedding venue.

Since we only have a week left until the auction Travis started a Go Fund Me to help raise a little money to see if we can make this dream a reality.
If we don't win the house, no money is taken.

SOOOO, as hard as it has been for us to ask for help, if you do feel inclined to help out, whether it be $1 or $300, we would appreciate it so very, very much! We would love to save this beautiful house and turn our dream into our reality!


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