Friday, July 13, 2018

MHCT&M: Backpack Organization Ideas

Can you believe how fast summer if flying by? 
Back to school season is approaching us rapidly, which means my brain goes into organization mode. One of the biggest annoyances during the school year are backpacks. Backpacks, backpacks everywhere. So, to make life a bit easier and bearable to mom (and dad too), here are some backpack organization ideas.
  There are so many creative ways to organize backpacks! 
 There are all kinds of ways to organize backpacks. There's something for every space, big and small, and can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. 
Check out these ten ideas. It's hard to pick a favorite!
 Organize backpacks with hooks. 
 Photo courtesy of Inspiration Organization 
 Use photos of your kids to help organize backpacks. 
  Photo courtesy of Shanty 2 Chic.
 Turn your closet into a place to keep backpacks. 
  Photo courtesy of Eleven Magnolia Lane
 Photo courtesy of A Glimpse Inside
 Create backpack storage by a DIY built in. 
  Photo courtesy of Style Me Pretty Living.
 Create backpack storage in your garage. 
  Photo courtesy of Eleven Magnolia Lane
Organize your backpack area with monograms. 
 Photo courtesy of Craft Warehouse Blog
Make a DIY locker area for backpacks. 
  Photo courtesy of One Creative Mommy
 Use chalkboard paint for backpack organization. 
 Photo courtesy of Decor Pad.
 Create a mudroom in your garage. 
  Photo courtesy of Sypsie Designs.
 Build your own mudroom with a rolling ladder. 
 Photo courtesy of Home Bunch.  
There are so many creative ways to organize those pesky backpacks so they don't end up all over the floor. You can do something as simple as adding hooks to a wall or get your DIY on and build yourself an entire mudroom. And anything in between!
 How are you currently organizing your kids' backpacks? 
My daughter has a hook on the back of her bedroom door, and that's where her backpack belongs. Aka: out of the way, making me a happy mom.
 More back to school organization ideas are coming at you next week, so stay tuned. 
Have a great weekend, friends! 
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Handmade Hangout Party #212

Hi and happy Handmade Hangout Party day!! 

I have good news! We signed for our new house on post early this afternoon so no more hotel living for us! YAY! Now we just have to wait for our stuff to arrive and who knows when that will be but hopefully we won't have to wait too long. 

But it is time to party!!
Link up and share your ideas below! 
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3. Have fun!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

This, That, and Everything in Between- June '18

Holy cow everyone, how are we already so far into July?! 
 Our life has been in total chaos for almost a month now so this post is coming at you late this month. 

But I am here now to share a glimpse of what we were up to in June. 

The month started out with us celebrating P's recent birthday by having a spa party. She was adamant that she wanted a party outside of our house this year since we always do parties at home so I contacted my hair stylist who works out of a super fun old house and we did a spa party at her salon. 
We had a nail painting station, a bath bomb making station, and then all the girls got to get their hair done. It was so fun seeing what they all picked to do with their hair. 
The girls had a great time even though it was a total whirlwind! lol

A few days later was P's last day of kindergarten! 
I can't believe she will be in first grade this coming year. She had a hard time leaving her school and her friends, which I knew she would, but she knew we were moving and it was harder for her since she won't be back next year with everyone. 

First day of summer break consisted of the girls and I getting up early for having a spa day of our own. All of us got our hair cut and I got some color in my hair. 
I was very proud of P because she actually cut about 4 inches off her hair this time! 

Our little town's annual festival began the day after the last day of school so we headed to the carnival that evening for a little fun. Travis was out of town so it was just the girls and I and we met up our neighbors for some fun. 
The girls were super excited about the rides this year which was fun to watch them enjoy themselves.

A few days later was the Butterfest parade so we walked down to watch the parade for a few hours of fun on a Sunday afternoon. 

Travis got delayed returning from his trip but once he returned we walked down to one of the parks by our house. The trip turned into having fun in the water by the dam and P was determined to catch the tiny tadpoles in the water. She was all wet but she was successful more than once! She was so excited! 

Our time in WI was coming to a close, and quickly, so we had a fun park and ice cream date day with our friends since we weren't able to see them often as of late. 

The week that school got out, P went on her first overnight sleepover to one of her classmate's house. 
The girls were really close so we had her friend over to our house for our first friend sleepover a few days before we moved. Miss S had to join in on the sleepover fun too because that is what little sisters do! 

We were out running errands one afternoon and we spotted this sign outside our local Claire's store and the girls HAD to have their picture take in it as a unicorn. They make pretty cute unicorns! 

Mid month we caught the La Crosse county Dairy Breakfast. We were excited that we were able to go to it this year as we were able to attend one the summer we moved to WI but haven't been able to attend one since. The girls enjoyed seeing all the cows and checking out other animals and fun things to do on the farm. It was a crazy hot day but we all had fun. 

My parents came up to WI Father's Day weekend and since they were there, P and I made this DAD cake to celebrate the big day. She was excited to help me and she got to do a lot of the decorating on the cake. 

My parents actually came to visit to pick up the girls to take them back to TN with them so they could have some fun while we were moving. They left the day before all the packing began and have been having a great time!

Packing of our house began the 20th and by the 23rd we had a totally empty house. 
Travis and I camped out in the house for a few more days, cleaning, touching up paint, and packing up anything last minute that we were taking with us. 
It was so sad seeing the house all empty again!

These kitties weren't sure about the packers. 
Patton was taking it like the seasoned moving champ he is but Poppy was a nervous wreck since this was her first move. She hid everyday but on the day they were packing the truck we put her on the porch and she was not happy! Luckily she survived and she's doing better! 
Patton also found wherever he could to sleep and I guess he just wanted to make sure he came with us when he took up resident in Travis's suitcase. 

Since we didn't have the girls with us, we were able to hang out with friends and do things just the two of us. We usually got together with our neighbors around their fire pit so of course we had to get together for one last one before we left. We'll miss these folks! 

And as I stated, we have been able to go back to the life of pre-kids with the girls in TN just hanging out together doing whatever we wanted. We went down to La Cross a few evenings for dinner and hanging out. I must say, it has been nice! lol

We also got together with our good military friends for one last meal before we left. Always sad leaving good people when it is time to move! 

We haven't been the only ones having fun. The girls have been having a blast with their cousins and grandparents. They've been swimming everyday at my parent's and then have gotten to ride horses and play on tractors at Travis's parent's house. 
I'm not sure they'll want to come home! 

But the time did eventually come to say goodbye to our old lady. I cried, like I always do when we leave a house, but she is still in the family for now. We ended up renting her out for a year so she is still ours and that helps a little bit. 

We headed out for our drive to KS and I had these two and little car mates for the drive while Travis drove our truck pulling a trailer. 

And now here we are. We are being stationed at Fort Leavenworth just north of Kansas City. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a house on post so we have been living in a hotel since we arrived in town. I am truly thankful that the girls have been in TN this whole time so all of us are cramped in a hotel but Travis and I have been having fun exploring our new city. We've been downtown a few times but on this day we were exploring KC's gorgeous Union Station, eating some tasty BBQ in the fanciest BBQ joint I've ever been too and just checking out the city. 

KC reminds me a lot of Nashville so it has been fun to explore it and the surrounding areas. 

And that's about it! 

We are still waiting for a house on post but we are FINALLY getting close to the top of the list so I am praying we get a house this week! If you're the praying type, would you say a little prayer for us as well?! :) Then the wait for all of our stuff will begin once we get a house. I'm over this move already! lol
The girls are still in TN but we will be getting them this weekend whether we have a house yet or not so it will be fun seeing them after all this time. They've learned to swim while in TN so I'm excited to take them to a pool to check out their new skill!

 But stay tuned for next month's post to get an update on our move!

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