Friday, December 31, 2010

Guest Post: Laura from Just For Love

I have the fabulous Laura here today. She blogs over at Just For Love and she is so sweet!
You'll love her and she has a yummy recipe to share today.
I will let Laura take it from here!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Laura and I blog over at Just For Love. It's my very own little corner of blogland where I get to blend all of my different interests into one spot. I love sharing recipes, tutorials, home decor tips, re-dos, and lots of other neat things I come across along the way. One of my greatest passions is raising funds and awareness for poor and underprivileged people in third world countries. Giving is one of the greatest feelings in the world!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be doing a guest post for Allison! Her and I met a couple months back through our blogs, and I have enjoyed watching A Glimpse Inside grow ever since. Allison is super talented and I love her blog : ) She is always teaching me new things and inspiring me.

Since we're just about to finish up the holiday season, I thought I would share my peppermint patty recipe with you all. I like to make it around Christmas time, but you can make it anytime of the year.

Its super simple and absolutely delicious!

Super Easy Peppermint Patties


~ 1 box of Low Salt Ritz crackers

~ 1 jar of Marshmallow Fluff

~ 1 jar of Nutella

~ 2 1/2 teaspoons mint extract

~ 2 bags of Hershey's dark chocolate chips

(you may use any chocolate you like, I prefer Hershey's dark)

~ green crystal


~ Mix 2 1/2 teaspoons mint extract into the entire jar of nutella.

~ Cover one side
of the Ritz crackers with the peppermint nutella mitxture (cover as many crackers as you want, depending on how many cookies you plan to make).

~ Cover the same amount of crackers with the marshmallow fluff.

~ Sandwich both crackers together to form little patties.

~ Next, place the patties in the freezer for at least 20 minutes to set (otherwise the marshmallow fluff will ooze out everywhere whenever you dip them into the warm chocolate).

~ Slowly melt the Hershey's dark chocolate chips in the microwave. If you prefer using a double boiler, that is fine too.

~ Dip all of the cookies. Garnish with green crystal sprinkles while the chocolate is still warm.

~ Pop the cookies back into the freezer for another 20 minutes to harden.

Once the cookies are done chilling, you may serve them right away. I'm warning better make a bunch because these guys don't stick around long.

the hit of every party!

I hope you and your family enjoy this simple recipe as much as mine does.

With LOVE,

Thanks so much for guest posting here today Laura!

Everyone, go stop by Laura's blog and give her some love! :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Busy Christmas- 2010

I'm back from our very busy Christmas but I am still recovering.

My house is a WRECK and I just can't get motivated enough to do anything else about it.
All well... I'll eventually get to it! haha

But here are a few highlights from our many Christmases.

Before we went out of town, we had Christmas at our house and opened up our gifts to each other.
I bought Travis a router and a few other tools. He bought me a couple craft items, a sweater, and a Willow Tree couple figurine.
Even the "boys" had fun playing with their stocking stuffer toys!

We then headed down to TN on Wednesday and went to the Garth Brooks concert.
It was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!! I had a fabulous time and he hasn't lost anything. He did 3 encores, Trisha Yearwood came out and sang, and it was just a grand old time!

We stayed at my parent's house after the concert and then got up and drove down to Chattanooga to be with Travis' family for Christmas Eve.
We had a great time and everyone got some fun gifts.
Travis got more tools and a personalized Broncos Jersey. His mom got some pearls, his dad got some tools, and his brother got some snow boarding pants and the new watch he wanted. My BIL was so kind and bought me a light box kit for Christmas so hopefully it will come in handy for blog pics and my Etsy pics.

On Christmas Morning, we got up and drove up to my sister's house in Maryville, TN just outside Knoxville, to be with my family.
We all had a great time and got great gifts!
I got a new crock pot, the Cricut Gypsy, a rolling bag to carry my cricut and more.
Travis got... more tools!
My mom got lots of new crafty stuff to make cards, a cricut, a special embroidery program, and more... She got spoiled this year! haha
My dad got LOTS of tools too.
My BIL, Kevin, got some video games and tools.
And my nephew Cooper- spoiled as always- he got a new Trampoline, more train stuff, a miniature bowling lane and more.

We had a TN White Christmas and got LOTS of it. It was really pretty.
Oscar LOVES the snow and Travis has never been around him when we have had a good snowfall so he took Oscar out with his tennis ball for a little snow fun.

We headed home on Monday.
Travis went back to work on Tuesday for half days.
But yesterday we decided we needed one last Christmas/New Year/4th Anniversary present.
So we went out and bought us one of these bad boys:
A 2011 GMC Terrain!

We had to order it since they are so popular and we decided to get the works on it so it won't be here until March but we can't wait! The one pictured will look just like ours. I did the build a car on their website to get the pic... but it is a dark Gray color, chrome package, the works!

We are trading in my Saturn for it so it will take me some getting used to driving something taller and larger but it will be great!

But that is our Christmas trip in a nutshell.
I'm WAY behind on reading all the blogs I follow so I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas as well!

Happy New Year as well!

PS- Come link up to the Catch a Glimpse Party!

Catch a Glimpse Party #9

I forgot to schedule the party to start at it's normal time!

But It's now time to party! :)
Catch a Glimpse Button

I unfortunately have nothing to share this week but I promise to have something for you all next week.

Have you had a chance to work on anything over the past couple of days with all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays?! If so, link it up below!!


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5.) And most importantly... HAVE FUN!!

Guest Post- Tracie from Cleverly Inspired

I have another fabulous guest today!
Tracie is the sweetest and she blogs over at Cleverly Inspired.
And trust me... you will be inspired by her!

Here's Tracie...

Hi all! My name is Tracie from Cleverly Inspired. So happy to be a guest over here at A Glimpse Inside!! I am fairly new to blogland and I am soooo enjoying it! You can find me daily over at Cleverlyinspired. I love to do all sorts of arts and crafts, trash to treasure, children's projects and recipes. Always learning something new---and I love sharing it all!
I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
And hope you come visit me soon ;)
Be inspired to Be Clever!!

So, I got this $5 lamp at a Garage sale....

This is what is turned into...

It is like it went into Ann Taylor for a makeover--am I right, or am I right?!?! I know! I love it!!!

I used Rustoleum Strawflower spray paint (I did a primer coat first)

For the shade---I covered it with a grey suit fabric (1 yard) it was a super large shade!

I hot glued the fabric inside the shade on the top...then did the same to the bottom.

I cleaned up the edges after I was done gluing.

I got some 3 inch ribbon at JoAnn Fabric in the same gold color as the lamp.

I wrapped the top and secured a bow. I hot glued (just dots along the top) to secure the ribbon to the top of the lamp shade. Pretty cute huh!!
Be inspired to be clever!!


Thanks so much Tracie for sharing with us this awesome lamp makeover!
It looks great!
Everyone go visit Tracie at her blog and give her some love! :)

Also, Catch a Glimpse Party IS going on today as well!
Go link up all those fabulous projects!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Guest Post- Christina from Christina's Adventures

Hi everyone! Today, I have the fabulous Christina from Christina's Adventures guest posting today. I "met" Christina a few months back and we have become fast friends.
She is sharing a fabulous project today so I will let you take it from here.

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be guest posting here today - it's my first time! I wanted to share how I made these for a gift for my mother in law:
They weren't always that cute. They actually started as these:

The canvas on the left was $4, and the frame was $5, both from a local thrift store. I was SO excited I found these 2 that were almost exactly the SAME SIZE! It was perfect for what I wanted!

First, I got to work by sanding and and then staining the frame. My mother in law has lots of dark wood in her house, plus lots of red, so I wanted to fit her decor with this project. I used leftover dark walnut stain from my kitchen table project:

I put on a coat of polyurethane (also leftovers) afterwards to protect the finish. Then, I got started on the bulletin board. First, I pieced together pieces of cork roll on the top of the canvas:
Then, I got to work on filling the inside of the canvas. I used some leftover cork squares (cut to size) to fill it, followed by some more cork roll, and then just put 2 layers of a cardboard box in to fill up the rest of the space, with Gorilla Glue between layers.

I didn't take pictures of the next part, but I ironed some fabric from Jo*Ann's, and stapled it (with my staple gun from my bench re-model) onto the back of the canvas frame. Then, I hot-glued some ribbon along the borders.

Moving back to the framed piece, I also ironed some coordinating fabric from Jo*Anns, and hot-glued ribbon, and mod-podged some scrapbook letters at the top of the inset.

Let it dry, and here it is now:

I really am excited to give it to her - the one she has now is functional, but not pretty. It was also recently written on by someone with permanent I think this will be well-recieved! :)
Cost Breakdown:

Canvas & Frame: $9.00

Stain & Poly: Free (leftovers)

Fabric: $4.99/yd., but I only got 1/2 of each, and then got 15% off: $4.24

Ribbon: $2.99 + 15% off: $2.54

Total Cost: $15.78

If you liked this project (and the price!), then PLEASE stop by my blog, Christina's Adventures. I love up-cycling other people's "junk", and getting resourceful with how to make them beautiful on a very tight budget. I would LOVE it if you would stop by and visit me!

Thanks, Allison, for letting me stop by today! :)

Thanks so much Christina! Those are so great!
Please go visit Christina's blog and give her some love! You'll find great stuff there!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Guest Post- Beverly from Green Gracie Home

Hello, hello! I hope you are doing well!
I have the fabulous Beverly for you today sharing some of her favorite posts.

Welcome Beverly!

I am so excited to be guest posting for Allison today - thank you so much for having me!
I have a teeny little blog over at Green Gracie Home

GGH is a hands-on decorator service locally, but we also just opened an etsy shop and have fun plans for 2011. The blog is only about 6 months ago, but thought it would be fun to share my favorite posts.

One of the first posts to ever be featured...

My most visited post - America's Sport

Thank you for letting me share with you today and I hope you will come and visit me!


Thanks so much for guest posting Beverly!
Love those little footstools!
Please go check out Beverly's blog and give her some love!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Guest Post and FREE OFFER- Charlie from Attempting Aloha

Happy Monday everyone!
Did you have a Very Merry Christmas?!
Are you still totally stuffed on good food and cookies and did you get totally spoiled on Christmas?! I HOPE SO!

We are still out of town so I have some more fabulous guest bloggers for you.
First up this week, the adorable Charlie from Attempting Aloha.

My name is Charlie (pink Charlie, not blue Charlie), and I'm joining you from the middle of the ocean and a tiny island you may have heard of...Does Oahu ring a bell? Yeah, the lovely travel destination and location on many people's minds during this winter season is the place I now call home. I'll try not to rub it in too much! ;)
But this is where we were this week:

We just purchased our first home in September, and I started my blog immediately after unpacking. So my fledgling blog is less than three months old, but I am having a blast! I'm an inventor and small business owner anyway, but this laid-back blogging world (particularly the craft and home decor peeps) are so much fun and so inviting! Such comaraderie! It's been a true Aloha experience for me so far. :)

Well, today I wanted to share my most recent projects. I am truly a slacker shopper! Never clipped a coupon in my life. Don't go to the store unless it's an absolute MUST DO RIGHT NOW (which means I most often miss the big "sales"). But, hey, I have three kids under 6, a husband in residency, and a house that's completely torn apart. Cut a sister some slack!! So after I'm done writing this post, I'm off to whip up a few Christmas presents for my kids, and tomorrow night after my hubby gets home, I may brave a couple stores...wish me luck {{cringes}}.
So here I was two weeks ago with no gift ready to send to my amazing sister-in-law in Israel, whose name I had drawn for the family drawing, and not even an idea floating around in my head, when I stumbled across some $5 clocks at Walgreens (I was only there to pick up some desperately needed, last-minute pics). Here's what they looked like:

Bless those sweet designers' hearts for their efforts...but mostly I'm sure their target audience was my thrifty great-grandma and not so much a hip, young mama who's trying to spruce up her new house in "Chic on the Cheap". But $5 caught my eye! And I had just recently finished purusing the latest edition of PB where I had found this:

Hmmmmm. I could work with these...My mind started turning as I tried to decide if my mediocre graphic design skills were good enough to hack a PB classic... I decided to go for it and snagged up 4 with my "Save $5 off $20 or more" coupon (Hallelujah, the girl USED A COUPON!). It was a very proud moment for me.
So I happily skipped home and spent a good hour trying to figure out the Roman numerals and failed miserably. Boo. So I decided to try something more simple to start with. I ended up designing this for my girls' room:

CLICK HERE if you would like to see more of the Shabby Chic Parisian Clock and for a free download of the PDF's and a tutorial of how I put it together.
I was feeling pretty confident after putting that one together, and my friend, Kim, shamelessly begged me to try the PB Union Station Clock again, so I gave it another shot. As I was working, I was trying to decide what to write instead of the standard "Union Station" on it, and I came up with the perfect present for my sister-in-law! A PERSONALIZED clock with family name and year "established"! Chic, yet personal. Classic, classy, but made with love. Perfect!! And it took me awhile (a very long while), but I finally got all the numbers pretty much perfect! Whew.

After getting this one all wrapped up and shipped to Israel, the next person on my list was my daughter's teacher..."I'm on a roll with these clocks, and I've still got two waiting for me in the closet, so I might as well design one for her! But what?"
Subway art seems to be everywhere this season, and I'm loving it! So I thought I'd put my own spin on it by adding it to a clock! Here's what I came up with: words that I think of when I hear the word "teacher" along with a teacher's name to make it personalized!

I think I'm far from done with the clock designs, but will probably be holding off on any more big ones until after the holidays are over...still have lots of shopping to do, right?
But I made this Beiber clock as a gag for that same Kim friend. Ha! I have no idea where I got the pic, but I claim no rights to it, and I'm not making any money off of it. Just for your laughing pleasure!

And I just finished this one for the little boys! We're an all-pink household, so I'm not sure when I'll get around to actually building one of these... But it will be available for free download on my blog with a generic word like "Zam" instead of Carson.

This is my first guest post, and I was so thrilled when Allison said she was looking for guest bloggers!
So I'm going to offer you lovely ladies a freebie!!!!!! To the first 50 individuals to comment (MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF "A GLIMPSE INSIDE"), I will personalize and email you any one of the clock PDF's for free!

Here's what will make my life easier, so I can get these to you faster.
1) Leave a comment here on this post
2) Email me and tell me which comment is yours and which clock you'd like and what personalization you would like on it! attemptingaloha at gmail dot com

That's it! And if you're really feeling the Aloha, you can check out some of my other fun posts and follow me as I craft my way through Oahu. ;)

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,

Thank you so much for guest posting for me Charlie!
And that is TOO SWEET of you to offer the free personalization!
Everyone go take Charlie up on her offer, visit her blog, and give her some love!

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