Sunday, March 28, 2010

Travis is HOME!!!

Travis is finally home! He was a little delayed than originally planned but he made it so that is all that matters. They ended up landing here in VA around 6 pm because they had some mechanical problems with the plane and had to sit in the plane for ever while they tried to fixed it. They all arrived in VA, had to clear customs, then come and turn in weapons before the redeployment/ Welcome Home ceremony. The ceremony was to start at 9 pm so I went early to ensure that I got a good seat. What I didn't know is that Travis came to the house first to drop off his stuff and I was already gone! haha All well! The ceremony started about 915 and we finally got to see each other face to face about 930. And it was OH SO GREAT! Here are a few photos from the ceremony.

The whole group of soldiers that just got home.

Yeah! He is home and we are together again! :)

Meg, my neighbor and good friend, and I eagerly waiting for both of our hubbies to come home.

Us with our good friends and neighbors, The McGill's. Glad to have both guys home!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Saturday

Today is definitely a SUPER Saturday! Travis is coming home today!!! YEAH! He's been down in Haiti and gone for a little over 3 months. We are both very ready for him to be home. He should be on a plane about 130 this afternoon. I won't get to see him until about 700 this evening at the redeployment/welcome home ceremony so time to keep busy! Luckily, I have a few errands to run and a few last minute things to do around the house but I don't think that will keep me busy until 7. We'll see! But I am so happy he is finally coming home! :) But I thought I would share a few pictures from Travis from his last few weeks in Haiti.

Sunset from the Port. You can see the ships in the background and that spec in the air is a Helicopter flying.

Travis has gotten to do some fun things this past week since he was just waiting to leave. Here he is with the few guys from his unit left with him before they took a Helicopter ride over Haiti.

Same group in front of the US Embassy

He got to head into the mountains of Haiti and this is the view! Gorgeous. To the left of the picture is the Port where he was staying.

And her he is with all the head gear on before the Helicopter ride.

Stay tuned for more pictures of his homecoming!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Today's Fabulous Friday is all about decorating eggs for Easter. I found these tips and tricks from Betty Crocker's website.

Some fresh Easter Egg Decorating ideas to try:

Be sure to use the secrets to a perfect hard boiled egg below our decorating ideas!

Stripes- Rubber bands of varying widths, placed tightly around the egg, will leave strips of the under-color after dyeing.

Wax-resistant patterns- Have your kids use a crayon to create desired image on a hard-boiled egg. The wax will repel the dye when you dip it, leaving your design. Mom can then place the dyed, dried eggs on foil-lined, rimmed baking sheet in 250 degree oven for 10 minutes to melt wax. Remove the eggs, then carefully remove residue with paper towels.

Animals- Create a bunny, hen, pig or even the family pet using the egg as the body and adding ears, tail, and so on. Pipe cleaners, yarn, paper cutouts, non-toxic markers and pompons will bring your critters to life.

Stencils- Tape small stencils to the egg and brush or sponge-on some colorful designs.

Shell games- Use hollowed-out eggshells if you'd like to save your decorations for future use. And don't let the egg insides go to waste. Enjoy them scrambled and topped with Old El Paso® salsa, add to Betty Crocker® Pound Cake Mix, or freeze them for another use.

Centerpieces- For an eye-catching centerpiece, try layering eggs and Easter grass, lasagna-style, in a wide-mouth glass vase (a large tube or cube works beautifully). Eggstraordinary!

Be Egg-stra Careful: Egg Safety Handling Tips

"It's important to be safe and sanitary during fun springtime egg activities," says Cayla Westergard, director of Consumer Affairs at the Iowa Egg Council. Follow these guidelines:

• Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the eggs at every step, including cooking, cooling and dyeing.

• If you won't be coloring your eggs right after cooking them, store them in their cartons in the refrigerator.

• Don't cook or color cracked eggs. Discard them.

• Use food coloring or specially-made, food-grade egg dyes.

• Use non-toxic crayons, pens, paints, glue and other art supplies on any eggs you will eat later.

• When coloring the eggs, use water that’s warmer than the eggs, and refrigerate them in their cartons right after coloring them.

• Don't eat eggs that have been unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours.

• If using hard-cooked eggs as a centerpiece or decoration and they will be out of refrigeration for many hours or days, cook extra eggs for eating and discard the eggs that have been left out too long.

• Hiding hard-boiled eggs for your Easter egg hunt may introduce harmful bacteria. Consider using plastic eggs for this purpose if you plan on eating the real ones.

• About 1.5 percent of young children are allergic to eggs, which can cause skin irritation or anaphalaxis, according to the Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network (FAAN). To keep your affected youngster safe, have her decorate wooden eggs, available at craft stores, just like the real thing. Read labels on candy carefully to avoid stocking her basket with potential allergens. Children with an egg allergy can most certainly get in on the egg decorating fun at Easter, just not with real eggs. The FAAN recommends decorating plastic eggs with stickers, or painting or decorating wooden eggs with glitter, ribbons, or permanent markers. Another idea is to make paper maiche eggs, instructions are below. Other Easter-type activity ideas include hiding plastic eggs with coins, stickers, themed erasers, or even coupons for inexpensive activities such as movies, roller skating, etc. Easter baskets can be filled with small toys, coloring books, art supplies, or storybooks. The key to enjoying Easter for children with food allergies is to take the focus off of food.

Enormous Easter Eggs

If your child is allergic to eggs and cannot dye Easter eggs, consider the following alternate activity-the only danger is having too much fun!

For this activity you will need:
* Water
* Plaster of Paris
* Disposable squeeze bottle(s) with squirt cap
* Balloons
* Large bowl of water
* Sand paper
* Paints, ribbons, and other decorative materials

Pour 1 cup of water and then 2 cups of plaster of Paris into your squeeze bottle, screw on the squirt cap, and shake vigorously to mix. Attach the mouth of a balloon to the opening of the squeeze bottle. Holding the balloon, gently squeeze half the plaster mixture into the balloon. Tie off the balloon and place it in a bowl of water until plaster hardens (about 30 minutes). Repeat with another balloon.
One squeeze bottle of mixed plaster will make two large eggs. To make more plaster eggs, immediately rinse the squeeze bottle and squirt cap in a bucket of water before the plaster residue hardens, or you may dispose of the squeeze bottle and use a new one for subsequent eggs.Once the plaster has hardened, carefully cut away the balloon, and allow your giant "egg" to cure for several hours. Sand off any uneven parts, and allow your child to pain and decorate with acrylic paints, ribbons, buttons, or glitter as desired!

Secrets to a Perfect Boiled Egg

Place eggs in a single layer in a saucepan. Cover with 1 inch of cold water. Cover pot and bring to boil. Remove pan from heat as soon as boil is reached. Let the eggs stand, covered, in the hot water about 15 minutes for large eggs (about 12 minutes for medium, about 18 for extra-large). Cool immediately in an ice-water bath.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Temptation Thursday

Temptation Thursday is all about one of the biggest temptations out there this time of year- Easter Candy!!! The candy is every where and it is some of the best candy that comes out all year. Here are some of the biggest temptations out there.

1. Cadbury Cream Eggs: I personally like the caramel filled ones better but they are still good.
2. Who doesn't LOVE a good old chocolate bunny?! You just can't go wrong
3. Peeps- Now I am not a huge fan of these but I know MANY people that are.
4. This is just a whole bunch of candy brands.
5. Lindt Chocolate bunny with Dove chocolate eggs- I love the Dove Eggs

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I saw a VERY interesting and WACKY thing this morning! I was driving on post and waiting at an intersection for traffic to pass. A car and then a truck drive by me, so I pull out after the truck. Now this is a small truck like a Chevy S10 or a small Ford, but as I am driving behind it I notice it has some large items in the bed. And what you ask was in the back of the truck... a table and a COFFIN!!! I mean really?! What in the world?! Why did this person have a shiny, white coffin in the bed of his truck? It even turned into some of the office buildings and as it was turning, I noticed that the coffin was dirty. Not like right out of the ground dirty but dust and dirt piles were on top of it! This was one thing that I NEVER expected to see, especially on an Army post! I totally wish that I thought of pulling out my phone and taking a picture of it.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Military Monday- Must Haves!

So I am combining Military Monday and Must Have Monday this week. Every feature in this post is from a member of the Homefront Team. Hope you enjoy these beauties as much as I do!

Candy Colored Stone Bracelet from Blue Room Gems
This would be a great finishing touch to any spring or summer outfit!

Yuzu Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes from Suds N' Such
Perfect item to get your skin glowing for summer!

Oh-So-Rainbow Summertime Tutu from Paisley and Posies
Oh my goodness!! How adorable is this tutu! Perfect for any little girl to play dress up in or wear to a party. How about Easter?! SO CUTE!

The Melody Rounded Card Case/Wallet from Nitelily3
I love this fabric! Would be great to use as a wallet or for small items while out on a night on the town.

Lemonade 16x20 Memory Board from Memories to You
This would surely brighten up any room! Such a great way to display pictures. And the fabric has a retro feel to me.

These shops all have many more fabulous products so go take a look around and it is always great to buy something as well and support the homefront!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Super Saturday!

I keep posting my new posts late in the day but I am just happy that I am keeping up with it! It was just SOOOOO gorgeous today that I am just getting around to it. But for today's Super Saturday post I am going to talk about my sorority, Delta Gamma.

Today, was Founder's Day for my sorority. I joined Delta Gamma my freshman year at TN Tech. Loved it at times, hated it others, but I am so happy that I did it and made all the friendships that I did. And Travis and I may not have met if I didn't join, since my freshman year DG did homecoming with the fraternity that he would end up joining. Today, the Tech chapter, Epsilon Epsilon, was celebrating 30 wonderful years on campus. I really wish that I could have been there to celebrate with everyone but I just couldn't make that drive.

If is wasn't for 3 fabulous ladies, Eva Webb Dobb, Anna Boyd Ellington, and Mary Comfort Leonard, stuck at the Lewis School for girls in the winter of 1873, I wouldn't have had a chance to be a part of this great sorority. I just wanted to share some of the fun facts about Delta Gamma and some of their firsts.

  • First fraternity in the United States to establish an independent philanthropic foundation in 1951 in Ohio. (Service for Sight)
  • The first sorority to have its own in-house printing press.
  • The only panhellenic group to have its flower registered with the American Rose Society - "Delta Gamma Cream Colored Rose"
  • One of the seven original groups that began the National Panhellenic Conference
  • First Panhellenic group to build its own facility, the Delta Gamma Executive Offices in Columbus, Ohio.
  • First and only fraternity to sponsor a traveling art exhibit Art of the Eye, which benefits Service for Sight.
  • First recipient of the Helen Keller Philanthropic Service Award, given by the American Foundation for the Blind, for assistance to those who are visually impaired and for sight conservation.
  • First recipient of the Virginia Boyce Award presented by Prevent Blindness America
  • First woman’s fraternity to employ a full-time staff member to address the health and wellness needs of its members
  • First to have an archivist handling historical materials at the international headquarters
  • First to receive recognition from the American Academy of Ophthalmology for Distinguished Public Service
  • First to establish challenge grants in values in ethics, through the Dorothy Garrett Martin Lectureship in Values and Ethics
If your daughter wants to join a sorority, and you are hesitant about it, just remember they aren't all that you think they are! Delta Gamma's motto is "Do Good." While I was an active sister, I helped at the TN School for the Blind, we held our annual Anchor Splash every spring to raise money for our Philanthropy, Service for Sight, plus many more activities. And many other sororities "do good" as well. So just keep an open mind about them!

I am very proud to have worn and still wear the Golden Anchor. I am happy that I know all the history and rituals of this great sorority. I am privileged to have a bond with so many other Delta Gammas out there in this world, the ones I know and the ones that I don't! So to every DG out there- DG love and mine! And forever "In the Bonds!"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Favorite!

Since I started blogging, I have started to find some of my favorite blogs that I have to read every day now. I thought I would feature one of my new favorite blogs today.

All Things Thrifty is a fabulous blog! You won't believe your eyes with some of these fabulous creations these ladies create!! Totally makes me want to go rummage through yard sales and thrift stores for the perfect piece to revamp. I have revamped a piece that Travis and I found at the local thrift store and I love it. It was an old hutch and we change it a bit and I painted it white then added some stain to give it a more antique look. Our dear dog, Oscar, decided he wanted to change it a bit so I now have to fix the finish a little but by looking at this blog it inspires me to think more outside of the box.

Let me share with you some the amazing works of art that these two ladies have created.

Check out these two night stands. A little old, outdated, and run down.


Now how about this after!! Totally fresh and brand new pieces! Love the color! I hope that I will be so bold one day to use a fun color on my furniture!


This is one of my FAVORITE pieces! Totally awesome find (well the piece itself) and you will be amazed and what it looks like after!


And can you say STINKING ADORABLE AND AWESOME?! I LOVE IT! Totally wish I knew how to reupholster furniture.


This is another great table redo. Not a bad piece but it could use some help.


Love the color! Looks great! Totally would love to have it in my house behind my sofa!


So I hope that these helped inspire you to go out there and look for new, old pieces just looking for a make over and to help you think more outside the box. I know I sure want to go out there and get to looking!

Also, check out the All Things Thrifty blog for more fabulous make overs, room redos and much,much more!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Temptation Thursday

With Spring literally knocking on the door, flowers are calling my name! My Wordless Wednesday yesterday were pictures of my daffodils starting to bloom. My tulips are starting to grow as well and I can't wait to see their blooms. I found these flower arrangement on Martha Stewart's website and fell in love with the ideas. I am very tempted to go out and buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers to make a fabulous arrangement to perk up my indoors as well.

How gorgeous is this arrangement?! I love it! There is even a how-to on to make one for yourself.

And this one is just as beautiful! Perfect for Easter, a party, or just to beautify your table.

So if you are anything like me and SO VERY READY for spring, I hope these tempted you just as much as they did me to make some fabulous arrangements.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Must-Have Mondays

Posting this a little late in the day but that's ok.

I thought since Easter is right around the corner (3 weeks away for those who don't know) that it would be fitting to show some must have Easter items.

Boutique Easter Basket Eggs from ladesigns
This adorable Easter basket would be perfect for any little girl!

Elegant Rabbit Hand-stamped Applique Print from Citygirl Countryboy
This is a great decorative item that isn't over the top Easter so would be perfect in any home.

Button Egg from P.S it's in the Details
How cute is this egg made of vintage buttons?! It would be adorable by itself or in an Easter arrangement.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Update Cinco from Travis

New Update from Travis:

Yeah, Yeah, they speak French/Creole here, not Spanish. Whadayah whun a do? Fight dabout it? (He's referring to him using Spanish for his update title.)

All right, not much as changed here since last I wrote, so this is just a bunch of small stories or quips I thought I'd put on paper.

In America, we have extremely strict safety standards and practices to stifle work getting done as much as possible (sorry dad). Here, however, the locals seem to do just fine with zero safety considerations. Buses are jacked up on tires or haphazardly stacked cinder blocks so the driver can get underneath to change a tire or fix a transmission with an old rice bag and some spit. People drive as fast as possible, and the locals, including very young (like 3-4 years old!) children walk all over the streets. The kids play in the sewers and with broken glass and bazookas and stuff. Stuck in traffic, we watched a guy, on of the second story of a building, take a sledgehammer and slam it against the very concrete ledge he was standing on. Albeit, it had rebar inside, and he was knocking the concrete off, but I'm watching hit this thing, and the whole foot-wide by ten-foot long piece is just bouncing up and down. Now, they have some kind of love for rebar here, and often it's the smooth kind. Which doesn't stick to anything very well. Especially when bouncing up and down and getting hit with a sledgehammer. To his credit, he did not fall while I was looking.

Speaking of rebar... everyone wants it for some reason. They drag it behind bikes and cars and on carts and put it on their heads. They spend hours in the sun, breaking it out of the concrete rubble. And not just the nice straight pieces either. All the gnarly, pretzel shaped pieces too. I don't think anyone here is melting it down or paying for it, and I have yet to see any shack built with it, so what's the deal? Oh, and by the way, 15 pieces of rebar dragging along the road behind a bike or a car is a VERY annoying sound!

These little taxi cars (tap-taps) and buses have a lot of English words written on them and paintings of 50 cent, Jesus, Sampson, random women/men, 2 Pac... I saw one that had in English, and I quote, "Jesus is my sheep helper." Credit for trying, I guess.

We had this scrawny little dog around here for a while, who we named Toby. Nice dog. Didn't want to play fetch in the slightest. We're not allowed to have pets or feed wildlife and blah, blah, blah but someone got him a flea collar. I accidentally dropped an MRE "beef patty" on the ground, and this starving dog wouldn't eat it. In fact, he made it a point to get up and go lay down some where else. That doesn't say much for the MRE.

I have this fully enclosed mosquito net bed, which is really awesome, because there is no where for the little bugger to get in, unless they happen to slip in while you are zipping it closed. So you'll be laying there, imagining what air conditioning feels like, when all of a sudden you hear, or god forbid, feel, a mosquito. Your eyes pop open, and if the light's on, you may see the little monster flying about, somehow magically in your "safe zone." You spend the next 10 mins. smacking the air, trying to end it's life or at least scare it out of your bed, because if you don't, that one tiny mosquito will find 36 different places on your body to suck blood from. I swear they simply spit it out, because there is no way they can eat the much. So if you hear people clapping in the middle of the night, don't think you are missing out on something worth clapping for (such as a good speech or someone tripping for no apparent reason).

Note to anyone sending care packages to someone in a hot climate: Things that are chocolate will melt. Summer sausage is great, if you can get it to them in a day or so. A week or two in transit, no matter how well wrapped in paper, will turn that log of meat into a rancid pipe bomb. Toys and trinkets and gag gifts are funny and cool when you buy them, but we don't have anywhere to put them or really any use for them. We can't hand them out to children. They just end up in the trash. The thought is there, just keep it simple. Send ice-cream! Please send cold beer, popsicles, steak, 15 Hooter waitresses with plates of boneless wings, a hot air balloon and a snow ball while you're at it. (Our mail service has stopped, so thank you, but I don't need anything. Seriously. Except the snowball!)

Speaking of ice cream, I heard this statement concerning contractors working in the Pentagon and making decisions regarding use of government funds: "They are just licking their own ice cream cone." I thought it was funny and yet so, so sad.

There is an amazing amount of painters here. All over the streets you'll see paintings hung to sell. I don't know where they get the paint, but the canvas is whatever cloth they can find. Some paintings are really good. If anyone has a nautical theme, there is a really nice sailboat painting here. Or a naked woman. I think I'll put that one in my bathroom or above the TV.

The kids make these hexagon shaped kites out of sticks and plastic (trash basically), with tails made of plastic as well. They fly them all over the place in the camps, with the almost constant breeze here always keeping them aloft. Pretty neat thing to see. Something innocent and normal and fun. You also see a lot of them caught in the power lines. Oops!

We set up this whole perimeter of triple strand razor wire and floodlights to keep the local riff-raff out of this camp so they wouldn't steal stuff. As I'm walking around the other evening, a whole family of cows magically appeared in the middle of camp. Seriously, a dad, a younger male, a mom and a baby. Somehow wondered into our newly "secured" perimeter. So, there I was, yelling "Git along little doggies" and waving my hands around, herding this little family to the one entrance not covered in razor wire in the middle of the largest city in Haiti. Just weird. I could have used some of Jesus's "sheep help" skills. So, in this "secure" area we have now had, if you are keeping count: chickens (2), piglets (about 12), a family of goats (mom, dad, and 4 kids), and now a family of cows (5). Twenty-five breaches in less than a week. By the way, baby goats are awesome.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Finds

I am posting this a little late but better late than never! My Friday Finds is all about some fabulous jewelry for the spring! I love to wear jewelry to add just that finishing touch to any outfit so I thought these finds were perfect! Hope you agree!

1.) Aqua Blue Jardin from RachelleD
2.)Brooch Porcelain Flower Button and Copper Filigree Green Aqua Spring 2010 from go2girl
3.) Lemon Drop 1 Earring from LollyJoLolli
4.) Shimmering White Cosmos Pendant with Cream Satin Cord Necklace and One-of-a-kind Copper Etching on back from The Garden of Dreams

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tempation Thursday

So my first Temptation Thursday isn't about food but my favorite store, Hobby Lobby. I bet many of you are wondering why in the world I would say that this is a temptation, especially if you live near one, but for some reason there is only 1 Hobby Lobby in VA... and NO WHERE near me!

I miss this store OH SO MUCH!! They have everything you could ever want to buy! From crafting supplies, fabric, candles, party supplies, outside decor, holiday decor and all sorts of home decor. It is such a FABULOUS place! For the longest time, they did not sell merchandise on their website but I just discovered last week that they have started to do just that!! :) YEAH!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! And they don't just sell a few things, they sell everything online! I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!

So this is why Hobby Lobby is my temptation for the day... because I could go to that site and buy everything!!!! Travis has now seen this fact and is a little scared for his wallet! lol So if you don't have a Hobby Lobby near you, I suggest you go to their site and check it out. And if you do live near one... I envy you!!! Every time I go home to TN, I have to hit up the store. I so hope that where ever we move to next there is a Hobby Lobby near!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I was trying to figure out what today's post was going to be. Did I want to do a Wordless Wednesday or Wacky Wednesday. As I clicked on a site to read some gossip... yes, I am a celebrity gossip junkie... something caught my eye. So I clicked on it and it just made me laugh because I just couldn't believe it. And BAM- I have my Wacky Wednesday post!

What did I read you ask?! That there is going to be an OPERA, yes OPERA, about Anna Nicole Smith! HAHA!! Are they serious?! It will premiere next February, in London, I believe. I know she led a VERY interesting life and her death was all in the news but really, an Opera?! I guess I could somewhat see it since most operas are crazy love stories, most with a tragic ending, but I still just can't believe someone is actually going to go through with such a crazy idea!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Military Monday

If you saw my post from Friday, you will see that I decided to add some new additions to our blog. And here is my first addition- Military Monday!

As I have said before, I am part of a fabulous team on Etsy that is called the Homefront Team. This team is full of VERY talented military spouses. So I figured it was only fitting to start Military Mondays off with the whole team itself!

The Homefront Team has a fabulous blog that spotlights some of the talented members, shows must have items, and how-to tutorials for projects that anyone can try. So pop on over to the blog to see what is going on, on the Homefront.

The Homefront Team also has a fan page on Facebook, so if you are apart of Facebook become a fan!

Below are some of items from different Homefront Members:

Lindsay Pleated Purse from A Stone's Throw

Custom Mod Square Soy Candle from Lilac Ave
(I bought one of these and they are FABULOUS!!)

Burp Cloth Set-Wood grain/Sunburst from Noah Baby Boutique

Handmade Caramel Sauce from Nicole's Handmade Treats

Red Berries Earrings from Sue Runyon Designs

And these are just a few of the fabulous items that are made by the members of the Homefront. So go ahead and start to browse around. A purchase or two would be lovely too! Supporting the homefront is always a good thing!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update 4 from Travis

Here is the new update from Travis:

I am going to be arrested when I get back.

Probably within the first few days. As soon as I get in a car, I will probably get pulled over, slam
med onto the hood, handcuffed, and put in a holding cell with a gold tooth hooker and a foul smelling man named Jim.

I know this because I drive here. Officers don't normally drive. Whether because they don't have licenses for that vehicle or do paperwork on the way or prefer to be chauffeured like Mrs. Daisy, I don't know. I, however, prefer to drive. That way, when I am narrowly squeeze between a dump truck and a bus on a single lane dirt road going 35 mph, dodging goats and potholes and woman with small cars balanced on their heads, I don't crap my pants. My truck commander (TC, basically the person riding shotgun, who is normally me) does. I see it coming and expect
it and react to it. He, however, is subconsciously pressing the brake with both feet and leaning to the left, so not to be bludgeoned by the 13.5 feet of metal sticking out the back of a truck. I have literally reached out and touched the vehicle next to me, without even getting past my elbow. Sometimes we pull the mirrors in to avoid smacking other vehicles with them. Sometimes we forget.

The roads here are pure insanity. Speed is not the issue. You could be going 10 mph and fear for your life. Other drivers will pass you, horns blaring, on the median, in four lanes of rush hour traffic on a two lane road, IF there is a break in the oncoming traffic longer than the length of your vehicle. Not a car length or two, but six inches or so. Just enough to get their nose back in. If there is no break, they will drive in the grass/dirt/sidewalk to the right of you. I once watched a tiny little c
ompact car with what looked like four of the donut spare tires, drive on the right to pass, in the dirt. And that's not all. He had to drive over an extremely steep incline, which, instead of trying to cut back in, he proceeded to drive up. His little car was at, I swear, 60 degrees tilted to the left. I thought he was going to roll right over. He did, however, make it, and proceeded way up in the line of traffic and cut back in. So I did the only prudent thing at the moment. I followed suit. After the hill.

I've mentioned this before, but road rules are iffy at best. I see people stop at street lights, but if there no traffic, the horn blares and they just drive on through. THAT is nice. We should do that in the USA. Stop signs exist, but for what purpose, I don't know. Everyone blows right through them
, including me (horns blaring, of course). Two lane roads are easily four lanes of traffic, often three one way and one the other, or four one way and everyone passing in the dirt. Drivers will drive straight at you with abandon. I had to stop and stare at a driver stopped in my lane, right in front of me, trying to cut back in. No one would let him in for a bit, so we just sat there and stared. There is no need for dotted or solid lines to mark lanes. There are no lanes. You drive around huge potholes, no matter what side of the street you have to do it on.

Motorcycles are everywhere. EVERYWHERE! You can't see them, but they are pretty adept at weaving through traffic and avoiding getting hit. And often carrying multiple people. Multiple being 5-10, not 2. I saw a guy today holding some pigeon by both wings in one hand, racing down the street on a motorcycle/scooter thing. The pigeon looked like it was more scared than it had ever been in it's entire life, which is probably true, since it was probably going to be dinner.

I really just can't explain the crazy and aggressive traffic here. I will do my best to the cop that has be in the backseat. I will try to explain it to the judge. No, I didn't see the stop sign. Yes, I was weaving in and out of traffic like a madman. Yes, I knew I was on the wrong s
ide of the road. Yes, your honor, I did drive through the grass and weeds to get around traffic. And no, I didn't know that was your flower bed.

ello Smiley Jim. I'm back.

So if you get a phone ca
ll from a random number, please pick up. It may be the only call I get.


Gotta love Travis's humor! lol

Friday, March 5, 2010

New Additions

So I've decided that I want to try to keep up with our blog better and add some new additions. I, of course, will continue with all our updates of everyday life and our adventures but I wanted to share some of my favorite things as well. I am going to try my HARDEST to post something everyday. I enjoy reading other people's blog everyday and am so impressed with how they keep up with it all. So I thought, what is stopping me from doing this?

Here is the list of new features:
-Military Mondays or Must Have Mondays- I am a part of a fabulous group on Etsy full on military spouses so I want to feature some of these talented artists. And if it isn't Military Mondays it will be Must Have Mondays to feature some awesome items that are, well, a must have!

-Tasty Tuesday- I will feature some yummy recipes that either I've tried or want to try.

-Wordless Wednesday or Wacky Wednesday- I'm sure many of you know what Wordless Wednesday is and I am pretty sure the title explains it all. And Wacky Wednesdays will be a feature of an item or something that I read/heard about that I just think is Wacky, Crazy, and insane!

- Temptation Thursday- This will be items that make me want to run out and get them or some yummy treats that make me want to go on a sugar high! haha

-Friday Favorites, Friday Finds, or Fantastic Fridays- *Friday Favorites: will be some of my favorite items I've found on Etsy or otherwise. *Friday Finds: will be some cool items that I've run across. And *Fantastic Fridays: will just be things that I think are... Fantastic!

-SUPER Saturday and Sunday- I will only post one day on the weekend so depending on what day it is, it will be either SUPER Saturday or SUPER Sunday. I haven't fully decided what I want to post on this day. Maybe something that will just brighten everyone's day. I'll figure it out!

But I hope that everyone that reads my blog will enjoy my new additions. Again, I will still post everything about us. I just hope that I can stick with this! I better get to researching since I will start this officially on Monday! Wish me luck!! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something Just Doesn't Belong!

And can you tell what that something might be?! Yes, it's the SNOW!!! It is March 3rd and we have yet another snowy, gloomy day! This picture pretty much sums everything up! Even my daffodils are ready for SPRING!! So I am hoping that this will be our last snow day of the season. I am so ready for warmer weather. The sun to be out shining and debating what the plans for the day to be, hit the beach or go to the park. Just be outside and absorbing all the vitamin D that I can! :)

So come on little daffodils, keep growing, and show your beauty! Soon enough warm weather will surround those sunny, yellow blooms and happiness will be all around!
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