Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

I was trying to figure out what today's post was going to be. Did I want to do a Wordless Wednesday or Wacky Wednesday. As I clicked on a site to read some gossip... yes, I am a celebrity gossip junkie... something caught my eye. So I clicked on it and it just made me laugh because I just couldn't believe it. And BAM- I have my Wacky Wednesday post!

What did I read you ask?! That there is going to be an OPERA, yes OPERA, about Anna Nicole Smith! HAHA!! Are they serious?! It will premiere next February, in London, I believe. I know she led a VERY interesting life and her death was all in the news but really, an Opera?! I guess I could somewhat see it since most operas are crazy love stories, most with a tragic ending, but I still just can't believe someone is actually going to go through with such a crazy idea!


  1. opera about Anna Nicole. I'm not going to lie, I shred a couple tears when she died. Please still be my friend after I say that I find this very intriuging and might be interested in seeing it.

  2. Haha! Katie... yes I still will be your friend! I am sure this could be very intriguing- she did lead an interesting life!


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