Thursday, April 22, 2010

Captain Travis Michelena

Travis had his promotion ceremony yesterday so he is now officially a Captain in the U.S Army. He was very happy to finally have those Captain bars on his chest. The promotion ceremony was held down at 3rd port on the Large Tug Boat. It was raining so we were all inside on the bridge but it was large enough for everyone to fit in there so it worked out well. I am very proud of him for all his hard work! Just wanted to share some pictures from the day.

Centering his CPTs patch

Shoving it on to make sure it sticks!

Put on his hat with his new rank

Travis with his Battalion Commander, LTC Draper

The 2 new Captains take the Oath

Congrats from all

So proud of him! YEAH!

With our good friends, the McGills

Travis and LTC Draper

With his cake. Don't mind the writing! Getting the cake was a last minute decision and the bakery was already closed to I had to write it on there! Looks awful! lol


  1. Yeah Travis!!!! Congratulations!!!!!! You still look like babies to me! Have a great time in Meh-i-co!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations! That is awesome!


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