Sunday, June 27, 2010

VOTE for Debbie! :)

Debbie is a fellow blogger over at DebbieDoos, and I like to think a new friend of mine, and she submitted a video to Oprah's search for a new TV star. How awesome is that?! Her video is awesome and she would have a fabulous show if she won. So head on over to Oprah's website to view Debbie's video. And while you are there- vote for her! BTW- voting ends July 3rd and you CAN vote more than once!

Good luck Debbie!


  1. This is awsome Allison! Do you have a FB can go on there as well...right from the Oprah site under the video there is that option....I had as many friends and family link it and then go in their status....can't hurt what the hay!~ And yes we certainly are new are going to keep me young out here:)

  2. I just voted for Debbie! I hope she wins...her video was awesome!!!


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