Friday, August 13, 2010

Lucky me... Again!

I was surprised when I was checking out one of my favorite blogs yesterday to see that I had been given 3 more blog awards. Lucky me!

Thank you Megan! Everyone go check out her blog, A Ruffle in Time and give her some love. She shares some super cute projects!

Now I have to see if I can come up with 7 more things about myself. Man... this is going to be tough. I had trouble with the last 7 and now I have to come up with more only a few days later. So let me see here...

1. My favorite drinks are Water, Sweet Tea, and Dr. Pepper.

2. I love to scrapbook. I have scrapbooked practically every picture of Travis and I since we've met. (8 yrs worth of photos!) And I have WAY to much paper and other embellishments. lol

3. My favorite smell or scent is anything Vanilla.

4. I have a HORRIBLE gag reflex. When I was young, the dentist actually wrote the nickname "Gagger" on my dental records. To this day, I struggle with dental x-rays!

5. I HATE mustard and mayonnaise! They are awful! I also, hate tomatoes but I will eat ketchup. It is the only condiment I eat on my food.

6. I grew up in Mule Town USA or the "Mule Capital of the World," Columbia, TN. Every year in April there is a Mule Day parade and people come from ALL over to show off their mules.

7. I am a HUGE football fan!! But it has to be NFL football. I don't get into college as much.

Ok... hope you guys are sick of random facts about myself! lol

Time to pass these awards onto some other fabulous bloggers:
1. Heart and Home
2. Less Cake, More Frosting
3. House of Smith's
4. The Hand Me Down House


  1. I hate tomatoes too, but eat ketchup...they don't taste the same!! My hubby thinks I'm odd but whatever!

    Here from NFF, happy weekend!

  2. Congrats Gagger, oh I mean Allison!!! Bless your heart. I am not that bad, but I know how you feel. If Jemma sees food that she doesn't like she will gag! So fun to learn new things about you!

  3. YEAH congrats!!! your blog is so much fun!!

  4. Thanks so much!
    You're so sweet :)
    This totally made my day :)

  5. you should teach me how to scrapbook :).. i would love you forever!

    i just wish i had the patience!! ugh :/

  6. Although slightly weird, I think I might relish the abilty to say I grew in mule Town USA. It seems like a badge of honor. Yes. I would love it! Small town humor runs deep in the bloods of a gal who dreamed of becoming one of the "dairy princesses". Yep. Farming community royality. And boy did I want that milk bottle crown.

    but alas, it wasn't meant to be. Not bitter. Really.

    Thank you so much for the awards. And what great company am I in. If Shelly Smith posts one more house project that I am compelled to copy...I'lll...well...I probably won't do anything, since I kind of want to be like her in every single way.

    I love that you have a bad gag reflex. My whole family does. And irronically...the worst one, my sister, just got her RN. What worse for a gagger than foreign body fluids? Gross! I see carreer change in her future!!

    Loved getting to know you better. And thanks again for the awards!!

    Ellie g


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