Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Finds

It is only the second week of doing my Friday Features post and I already dropped the ball. Sorry! I just didn't have a lot of time this week to browse to find fabulous items to showcase.

Instead, I will just share what we picked up this past weekend when we were out and about thrifting at our favorite store Tickled Pink.

Metal Trivets- I think they were $2.99 a piece

Travis found these. He already has something like this hanging in his man cave. He was excited about this one because the symbol in the very middle is the Basque symbol which his family heritage. So he bought one for him and the other for his parents.

Metal Stars: I think these were also $2.99

Cheese Dome: $4.99

I was pretty excited to find this. I've been on the look out for one. I have some plans for it so you will have to stay tuned for the transformation.

Rabbit Feed Bag- $5.99
Sorry the picture isn't great since it is so creased.

Not sure what I will do with it. Perhaps make a pillow out of it. I just thought it was neat.

Scarf- $1.30

I thought this was so pretty. You will have stay tuned until next month to find out what I have in store for this scarf. I think you all will really enjoy it. :)

I actually picked up all the stuff for a change. If we didn't take my car up there this time I would have come home with a few big items. Guess since we decided to take the car that was God's way of telling us we didn't need to bring anything BIG home. lol All well.

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Hope that you all have fabulous weekend!


  1. Wow! What awesome finds! I love that rabbit feed back... that's such a unique thing to come across, but it would make an adorable pillow!

    [btw, I passed an award on to you]

  2. Great finds!! Nothing better than finding treasures at thrift stores :)

  3. Hi there, we are your newest followers! We hope you will come visit us at, Have a great day =)

  4. Love the feed bag & the scarf. I haven't had much luck recently at my local thrift shop, so I'm living vicariously through other's great finds!

  5. Cool trivets Allison. Yes I say go for the decorating when Travis is gone, we won't tell promise lol!

  6. Tickled Pink? I wanna go!! I will have to add that to my list. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. What great finds! I love the stars and the feed sack!

  8. Thanks for stopping by!
    What great finds I love them all!

  9. I hate when I find something wonderful and it is too heavy or too big to bring home then and there.
    You did well this week and I am sure his parents will be thrilled that they were thought about.

  10. I swear my next vehicle will be a huge truck to drag home all my finds. I love your finds especially your metal stars!

  11. You really picked great items. I love the trivets. Neat design.

  12. You scored with those great finds!! Anxious to see the finished projects :)


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