Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hi All!

So I've been doing some thinking and I wanted to ask for your opinions.

I like to join in on the fun linky parties around blogland and have been thinking about starting one of my own. I just think it is so fun to see what fabulous ideas everyone comes up with.

My question is: Would you even be interested in another party since there are SO many out there already?!

Question 2: If so, what type of party would you be interested in?

A party that you can link up anything craft related?
A party you can link up anything related to- recipes, crafts, home decor, thrift finds?
Or what? Have any other ideas?

And Question 3: What day would you like to have this party on?

Please, please, please give me your input in the comment section!

I really want to know your thoughts!

Happy Hump Day to you!


  1. I would for sure link up, and I like thinks that are anything craft related, ones that are specific are hard to remember because you might not link up every week as you projoect this week might not be food (ex)so I think you are more likley to get a constant weekly flow.

  2. I struggled with this myself, having decided on a monthly party because that's what I think I can manage ( and I'm having my 3rd on one Friday btw). Ultimately I decided that we all have different followers and it's a big internet!

    I started out trying to have a theme and that got confusing so now I'm just having a monthly Open House where people can link up crafts, DIY, recipes.

    Maybe it's me but I don't feel like there are a lot of Thus parties?

  3. I like crafty and before and after! BTW, I saw that your bench was featured on Under the Table and Dreaming. Congratulations!

  4. You bet!! It never hurts to try... :)

  5. you could make your tasty tuesdays a link party for recipes!


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