Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's Official!

It's official!

I have decided that I will begin to host my own linky party! :)

I'm pretty excited about it too!

It will be a craft, recipe, home decorating type of party.
No themes- just link whatever you like.

I had a few people tell me they thought that Monday would be a good day but I also thought about Wednesday. I really want your opinion on what day would be good for you so I can get it going.

But I have one more problem... I can't think of a good name for the party!! :(

So I need your help- What do you think the name of my party should be?!
List your suggestions in the comments and I will decide from there.

Thanks so much!
I can't wait to get this party started!! Wooo!


  1. Hello!
    It seems like lots of people have link parties earlier in the week...maybe a later one would be good? Either way, I'm on board! :)

  2. Fun fun fun! Random suggestion- hopefully you get some better ideas, but what about calling it "a glipse outside"

  3. link it up:) so fun:)
    ps-no suggestions from me because any time is good.

  4. Yay! That sounds fun. I always visit your blog. How about Take a glimpse Tues or Thurs?
    or Catch a glimpse.....Can't wait!

  5. how about 'Mojo Monday'? Get everyone's creative juices flowing for the week while showing off what we accomplished on the weekend.

  6. Allison - you won my 200 follower giveaway! Send me an e-mail with your mailing address and confirmation of the Stay-Put Towels you would like to receive.

  7. Fun! Hmm, maybe "Get Over the Hump" or "Humptastic Link Up" for Wednesday?

  8. I wanted to tell you that I made your glitter pumpkin with my girls with a toddler twist. Thanks for all your cute ideas!

  9. Oh this sounds for a name...Just Glimpsing, catch a glimpse, glimpse for the day, I say Friday, not that many on Friday's.

  10. I don't see many linky parties on Tuesdays.


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