Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday/Blogiversary Giveaway Prize

I realized I have yet to show you all what the prize for the giveaway is!
How rude of me!

I've been slowly collecting items and I am making something as well but it isn't finished yet so when I finish it I will add a picture of it.

Would you like to see what you have a chance to win?

Here ya go...

Here are all the items minus the item I am creating for you.

First thing- the new cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld, Double Delicious.

Next, this beautiful scarf that I picked up at our favorite thrift store, Tickled Pink.

Third, this pink paisley journal.

And lastly- a $30 giftcard to Target.

There you have it!
Hope that you like what you are entering to win!
I will share a picture of the finished product that I am creating later.

So good luck to everyone that has entered.

Also, don't forget to link up to my Catch a Glimpse Party going on now! You can link up crafts, home decor, recipes, thrift finds, etc. Come join the fun!


  1. Whew!! That's quite the motherload! You had me sold with a handmade lovely... but a cookbook, notebook, and TARGET?! Sheesh, you're spoiling us! :]

  2. Awesome goodies! That's very generous of you giving away gifts when it's YOUR birthday! :)

  3. i already entered and i hope i get picked but hates me :( boo. pity party for me;) haha

  4. many pretty things!! :) I would love to win this!! :)

  5. ps...totally agree with Natalie K!

  6. Fun fun.....I also must agreen with Natalie K and Heather.

    xxxx Lindy


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