Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Table Runner with Tutorial

As I mentioned on Monday, I wanted to make a table runner, well runners, for my table for Thanksgiving. After a little bit of trouble, I got them finished Monday evening.

I am so happy with how they came out!
It was pretty easy as well.

Here's the how to:

I bought burlap and this fall leaf fabric tablecloth. I bought the largest sized tablecloth I could find and it was on clearance for $9 at Wal-Mart. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to use it for my table some how.

I cut my burlap to the width and length that I wanted my runner to be.

I then laid out my tablecloth and cut 3" strips to make my ruffles.

Time to get out the sewing machine.
Change the settings on your sewing machine to a very long stitch and very little to no tension.
Then just sew a straight line down the center of your strip.

It should look like this once complete.

How to make the ruffles:
Gently pull the bottom (back) thread or the bobbin thread. As you pull, the fabric should ruffle.
I gently pulled and then moved the ruffles down the fabric and then pulled more. I found it easier to do this and ruffle a little at a time otherwise your thread may break (which mine did on my first strip).

Move the fabric and ruffles to how you want them.

Once I had all my ruffles how I wanted them it was time to sew them onto my burlap.
I pinned my ruffles 2" in from each side of the burlap.

I also trimmed all the threads that were loose on the edges of the leaf fabric. But I didn't mind if some were there for the added texture.

Sew down the ruffles. Try to sew along the same line you stitched to make the ruffles.
Don't look to close to mine... some places it looks pretty messy! haha It's hard to stay on that line!

But as you sew, I found it best to flatten the ruffle a little before it went under the foot.

Once the ruffles were sewn on, I pulled the edges of the burlap to fringe it. I just pulled one thread at a time until I was happy with the amount of fringe.

I love them!
(Please don't mind the super wrinkled tablecloth! It is new and I just threw it on the table for pictures but it will get ironed...promise!)

I have to have a second table set up for Thanksgiving. It didn't need to be big so I just pulled out one of my old card tables. It is really short compared to our dining room table but I still wanted them to look seamless so I bought the same tablecloth as the dining table and made a small runner for this table as well.

I love the fringe on the burlap for added texture.

I made it really wide because I wanted to be able to decorate and place our food on the table without having much stuff directly onto the ruffles.

View from one end down to the other table. I tried to line them up directly so they flow into each other and look like one piece.

But wasn't that easy?! I was so nervous and I had no reason to be.
You can make these with any type of fabric of your choosing.
Hope you try one for yourself!

I can't wait to decorate the table now. I have big plans in my head and have bought and made a couple more things for the table so we'll see how it all comes together.

I will be sure to take pictures of it when I have it completely set up to share with all of you.

Also, I just wanted to remind you all that there will not be a Catch a Glimpse Party tomorrow since it is Thanksgiving. It will resume next Thursday, December 2nd.

And, hope you will join me for my Holiday Open House starting Wednesday, December 1st, sharing your Kitchen and Dining room holiday decor.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Allison- I LOVE THIS! Seriously...I wish I was hosting dinner at my house this year...I would totally make one this afternoon. It's beautiful!

  2. So cute and a great way to make a ruffle-never though of that! Thanks for

  3. SO ( sew?) pretty Allison! Love the combination of fabrics. Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. It is absolutely awesome - very pretty!!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. So very cute!!! Great job!

    Visiting from Lil' Luna craft hop!

  6. Ooh, these are really gorgeous! What a genius plan to use a big tablecloth to get the fabric for the ruffles. I love the contrast of the ruffles with the rustic.

  7. Super cute! I need to make one for my house since we HAVE to use two tables to fit everyone which means we have to use tablecloths instead of placemats! This is a perfect way to dress up the table more!

  8. I LOVE this!!! It turned out beautifully! Thanks for linking up to Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions.

  9. This is so pretty! I'm really really hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas! :)

  10. What great ruffles! Such a fun table topper.

  11. That turned out really cute and putting them on both tables tied them together very nicely. I'm your newest follower...come check out my blog when you have a chance :-)
    Shantel @

  12. What a pretty twist on the burlap runner. I'd love for you to link with Fabric Fun Thurs. this coming week.

  13. This is so cute! I just love the ruffles and the fabric!

    Thanks for stopping by the Free for All party!

    Hannah @

  14. Allison, Love this runner - The ruffles are a prefct addition! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today - stop by and grab a featured button if you like. Hope you are enjoying your week ~ Stephanie Lynn

  15. Hello! I have featured your fun project on Thrilling Thursday @ Paisley Passions this week :) Come on by and grab an "I Thrilled" button off my side-bar if you like. Thanks for linking up. Hope you stop by again this week!!!

  16. This is FABULOUS! I love it! I recently did a burlap table runner too! I LOVE your ruffles!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  17. Ruffles make everything cute! I just love this! Would love for you to come visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made with Love Monday!

  18. This is adorable and I LOVE the fabric choices! man i sure need to learn to use my machine..

  19. Very cute! Might have to try this out myself!!!

  20. So pretty Allison. Love the fall fabric you chose to go with the burlap.

  21. Beautiful table runner! Gives the burlap a whole new life! I'd love for you to share this at my party, Twirl & Take a Bow at It would be perfect!


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