Wednesday, January 19, 2011

3 Quick and Easy Projects

The evening I finished reorganizing my craft room, I made 3 quick and easy projects.
I knew what I wanted to do and since I had just organized everything, I knew right where to grab things that I needed so I could get them done fast.

I had EVERYTHING on hand for all 3 of these... best type of projects!

First two projects were for Valentine's Day.

Up First: Framed Valentine
Travis and I have made Valentine cards for each other every year we've been together. Started when we were dating for our first Valentine's Day that was only like 2 weeks after we started dating, and we have just continued it.
Travis made me this valentine the year he was deployed to Iraq ('07-'08).
He was totally ahead of the subway art curve and didn't even know it! :)
What you can't see is that there is even a heart in the center in a super fine, light glitter (it's got a little rubbed off over the years).
Hubs is the best! All I did was mount the Valentine on two different pink pieces of cardstock. I used photo corners so I could pull it back off later. I then just put it in a frame I already had, actually the one I used for my pumpkin yarn art.

Here an up close shot of the Valentine itself.
He put all sorts of words that were special to us while we were dating, first year of marriage and some Valentine/Lovey words as well.

I then just made a white felt flower and glued it to the frame to add a little something.
All done! How easy was that?!
And it was all FREE!!!

On to Project 2: Valentine PlateI bought this platter before Christmas at TJ Maxx for $4.99.
I won a gift certificate last fall to Expression Vinyl so I bought a ton of sheets of vinyl with it.
I pulled out a pink vinyl and my cricut and cut out the words "Be Mine" and put it on the plate.
Easy peasy Valentine's Day decor!
Project 2 complete!
For only $4.99! :)

And one to project 3: Framed Printable
I won this cute printable sign in a giveaway last fall. For the longest time, I just had it propped up on a shelf in my craft room so when I was reorganizing I knew it was time to give it a proper display!

I had this frame for probably over a year if not longer. It was just a plain wood frame and I painted it in this bright aqua blue. Added some brown ink to the edges then put some modge podge on it.

I then made some rosettes with some white fabric I already had and glued them to a corner on my frame.
Now it is a little bright punch of color in my room!
Project 3- Complete!
And this one was also FREE!!!

I got all three of those projects done and only spent $4.99! WOOO!

I got all those done quickly in about 2 hours one night.
I love those kind of projects!

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  1. Love them all!!! The frame is my fave :)

  2. Hi! New reader from Coffey House.

    LOVE your frame you made- how do you make those adorable flowers? I'm snowed in tomorrow (teacher here) and would love to give them a go tomorrow.

    Thank you!

  3. Oh, wow! So impressed with your hub's subway art! Seriously way ahead of the trends! ;)


  4. Your husband has mad skills. WOW. Sending this to my hubby, he has to take notes.
    Now following :)
    Cruising over from Thrilling Thursday party

    Go NAVY Beat ARMY!

    Cough Cough...

  5. super cute!! Love the pricetag too :) :)

  6. These are great, Allison! Your husband has some serious talent there. . .Wow! Jim made me a birthday card one time. He used some of my paper, ink, and stamps without my knowing. Then he couldn't understand why I cried so much and told him it was the best. Jim is not artistic, nor does he pretend to be. . .he's pretty rough and tumble. I love your platter. . .I may have to try that :D

  7. These are fantastic! And your hubs has mad skillz! Maybe sometime he'll guest post :)

  8. Wow, nice work and nice work to your husband too! Love that last print in the frame, super adorable.

  9. Great crafts, I love the picture frame, I'm going to have to try it! :-)

  10. I am most definately going to have to try the be mine plate!! What a cute idea and so inexpensive!! You are very talented. Check out my blog I am just getting started.

  11. I like the font of the Be Mine plate! I am sucha font nerd :)

  12. I'm impressed with the print your hubby made!! How thoughtful and it's super cute too!

  13. I love all your projects! Nice work!

  14. I especially love project #1... very nice!
    I'm following
    Check me out, I'm just starting out.

  15. Everything turned out so cute! I love the frame with the rosettes!

    Thanks for sharing in FFA!

    Hannah @

  16. Cute, cute & clever. Fun, too!

  17. Cute Cute Cute!! Love the rosette!

    Thanks for linking up to Craftify It Thursday!

  18. Love it! I have been thinking about doing a "Valentine Vinyl Plate Project", but I just haven't come across the *perfect* plate yet. Love yours!

  19. Love these!! The Valentine is def my fav :) CUTE!

  20. I love all three but the one that gets my heart is the one your hubby did- how sweet is that!!! I don't even get cards! Thanks for linking these up!

  21. i love the platter! :)
    I'd love for you to link up to my new linky party, Tute {Yourself} Tuesday!
    The linky will be open until this evening. :)

  22. love the flowers and the frames! And nice pricetag! Thanks so much for coming and linking up to handmade tuesdays @ ladybug blessings!! Make sure to come by tomorrow for a giveaway!! :)

  23. Aw! What a great hubby! Love the platter!


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