Thursday, February 3, 2011


If you saw a post about me changing my URL... IGNORE it!

I decided to change it back.
There was WAY too much stuff that would mess up and I would have to change A LOT of info so I just decided to go back to the original.

So my URL is still:


  1. Oh man, I was going to change mine soon. Is it complicated???? Email me your thoughts. Happy Thursday!

  2. I thought about changing mine over new years too... what a pain!! :(

  3. I am with you. I thought about it, looked into it, and ran the other way!

  4. If you want to change it to a .COM url then it is super easy...we have a post about it at The Blog Guidebook.
    It's easy if you go through Blogger and not through a site like Go Daddy, because then it is really difficult. I don't even get it!

    Keep Blogging!
    Love your blog!

    Sarah - The Blog Guidebook

  5. I've really enjoyed reading your blog. You have some very crafty ideas that have inspired me to get to work! Thank you!
    You have a new follower!


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