Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Side Table and Cupcake Dome- COMPLETE!

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I thought I would share two items that were finally completed recently.

First up, our new side table.
My dad made this table for my by copying a table that my grandparents had.
I had it for for quite some time but with the weather being so cold and nasty I finally got to work on it. It took me about a month or so to finish, again because of the weather, but I am thrilled how it turned out.

Here is a shot of the table unfinished.

I started by priming and painting the whole thing a light gray color.
Then I stained the top.

This was after a coat or two but in the end, I put on 3 coats of stain.
Followed by 2 coats of poly.

Here is the table complete. Here you can see the gray though it is kind of hard to tell.
It has a drawer in it and we just purchased a knob from Hobby Lobby the other day so hopefully that will be on soon.

I love how dark the top came out in the end as well.

Next up, was a revamp of this little guy.
Remember this cheese dome?
Well, it got a makeover and is now a cupcake dome but I guess you can still use it for cheese too.

Here it is after the makeover.
I went out and found some clear chunky candlesticks at an antique store and it worked perfectly!
I love it this way now!

Shot of the top.

Candlestick. Simple but Chunky= Perfect! :)

So there you have it!
Have you finished any projects lately?


  1. Love the table! the colors are exactly what I'm working on for my coffee table! love the look! the cupcake stand is suuuuuper cute too!

  2. I love that table! How clever is your Dad?! Wish my dad would make me one of those. I've been looking everywhere for a nice round table like that. You chose the perfect colour too. Don't forget to show us photos after you've put the knob on and it's sitting in it's new home! :D

  3. The cupcake dome is fabulous...I feel the urge to go to Goodwill and find one of those cheese plates/domes, just so I can make one too!!!

  4. I love your table, I redid my late grandpas coffee table over at my blog, I love your blog,hope u will surf through and check out mine:)

  5. the table is awesome and soo is the table!! how cool to have something made by your dad!

  6. wow, the talent really runs in your family!

  7. In a million trips to the thrift store I haven't found a cheese dome dealy! I've been using my cake platter but it's way too big to fill with stuff ; ) Love the little table; I'm trying to get my sister in law to do the same thing to her dining room table... Always good stuff, Allison!


  8. I love that side table! I've been dying to strip a piece down and stain the top! Your Dad did a great job building it!

  9. What a great table, your Dad is an excellent carpenter. Love the finish you put on it. Your cupcake holder is perfect, I love making these too.

  10. That table looks gorgeous! Awesome job on the detail!


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