Monday, August 22, 2011

Fibi & Clo Sandals, Review

I was recently asked if I would like to review a pair of sandals from a new company called Fibi and Clo. I checked out their website, saw how cute they were, and jumped at the chance.

Before I show you the sandals that I received, let me give you a little background information on the company.

Fibi and Clo began in May 2009 by AnaLiza Alba. She yearned for an idea that would get her home to Texax without getting in the way of a career she loved in New York. An idea suddenly sparkedin her head- What if she developed a line of sandals that she could take to Texas for trunk shows - like tupperware parties, but with shoes? And so she began her new adventure. Shortly after the successful launch of the brand and the positive feedback of the consumers, the online boutique, Fibi and Clo, went live.

So back to the pair of sandals I got to review.
I received my sandals very quickly in the mail.
They came all wrapped up in a little bag.

I opened them up to find this pair, Smoke Cascade.
Cute right?!

Check out all the fabulous bling!
And just in case you lose a piece of that bling, they also include some extra pieces so you can replace the missing ones.

Would you like to see what they look like on?
Good... here ya go!
They are so cute!
They definitely dress up any outfit and are perfect with a cute sun dress.
They are even really comfortable!

This isn't the only cute pair in their shop.
Here are a few others.

Love Knot

Sea Star

Bright Star

And one of the BEST things about these sandals are the VERY AFFORDABLE prices!!
Can't go wrong with something so cute for such a great price!

One last thing... Are you a Military Spouse?
Well if you answered yes, then you are in luck!

Fibi and Clo have partnered with the Army & Air Force Exchange Service to offer military wives a special price of $34.99, instead of our retail price of $45, for our sandals.
They decided to go with AAFES because we respect the armed forces and we want to give military personnel and the glamorous military wives a chance to get Fibi and Clo at a steal of a price.
They only have a limited supply so hurry and go check if there's a pair left in your size.


  1. So cute! I love the Sea Star!!

  2. those are adorable!!!! So cute!

  3. So cute! I love the ones you are wearing in the photo - I've never seen any like that!

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  5. I love ALL of my fibi and much so...I decided to join the company as a fashion agent! :)

  6. They are cute and I purchased a pair but they don't hold up very well at all. I would buy another pair if I didn't think they would wear out so fast. I started having parts falling off after only a month or two of use (and I was in a wheel chair at the time). After a couple more months I was almost not able to wear them because the elastic stretched out so much that they were slipping off of my feet. Great concept poor manufacturing (they are made in China)

    1. Hi Sophia, We stand behind our sandals and we would love to help amend this. Simple email


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