Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spider Web Halloween Wreath

I shared this tutorial over at Every Creative Endeavor on the 18th but want to share it with you all today.

Since we moved into this apartment, all of my seasonal decor went into storage so I had to make some decorations for the fall.
I want to share a Halloween wreath with all of you.

Would you like to learn how to make it?

Here's the how-to:

- Foam Wreath
-Felt in your choice of colors
-Glue gun (I like to use a low temp gun)
-Pinking shears
-Fishing line (not pictured)

Getting started:
Cut the felt (across the width) any width that you would like.
I cut mine 2 1/2 inches wide.

The strips are still too long so trim them shorter so they slightly overlap when wrapped around the wreath form.

Figure out your pattern and begin wrapping the strips around the form.
The very first strip you glue down, only place glue on the edge that will be overlapped by the second piece. You will see why this is important in a moment.

Continue wrapping all the strips.

When you get to the very last piece, you will need to fold over the very first strip (since you didn't place glue on this side) so the first strip overlaps the last.

Fold over completely and then glue the last strip.

Flip first strip back over and glue down.

Felt covered wreath.

Now onto the spider web.
Use the fishing line to create the spider web.
Cut the finishing line so that it can be tied around the edges of the wreath.
You will this 4 times, wrapping each line around the previous one at the center of the wreath.
You should create 8 triangles or pizza slices.
Tack each line down to the wreath with a tiny drop of glue to keep tight and in place.

Next comes the webbing.
It is time consuming but looks great in the end.
Cut a REALLY long piece of line.
Tie one end of the cut line around one of the sides of the triangle near the wreath form.
String it to the next triangle side, wrap around, and tie a knot.
String to next side and repeat.

Continue wrapping until you get to the center.
If you run out of string, don't worry. Just cut another long piece and tie the ends together.
Trim off the extra ends and take a lighter to burn them down to create a small know.
I had to do this and it looks like something is just caught in this spider's web.

Right before I finished up, I had a little friend that wanted to help.
He didn't help out too much, just made me take longer to finish.

Add the spider to the web and it is perfect for Halloween.

He looks like he is just floating there doesn't he?

There's the web!
Had to get the sunshine to glare on it in order it to shine (like most spider webs)

I loved this shot.
Looks kinda spooky with the shadow behind it!

I hope you guys enjoyed my wreath.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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  1. Super cute, Allison! I love the web and the shadow it casts on your door. Too fun!

  2. Love the wreath! I haven't started working on Halloween yet. My whole calendar's been pushed back a bit, and I haven't finished up autumn decorating yet, but I'm putting this wreath in my inspiration files. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So cute Allison! I love that spooky spider. The shadow does look a little scary:)

  4. Allison - your wreath is just adorable. I love it! T4S

  5. Oh I love it Allison! Genius to use the fishing line for the web. And your helper is adorable.

  6. What a great wreath, Allison. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Love this spider wreath!
    I made your dalmation cupcakes. Check out my blog
    Thank you! They are delicous!

  8. What a fabulous project... I have never seen a wreath with a fishing line web! It does look kinda time-comsuming, but SO worth it :) I just found you at the CSI linkup. Thanks!

  9. This is an awesome wreath! I love the web, so fun!

  10. The wreath looks so great! I'm impressed you had the patience to make the web on your own.

    Found you from HoH!

  11. Love this...thanks for the cute tute! Tweeting! POP ART MINIS

  12. Love this!! I'd be thrilled if you'd link up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party.

  13. Super cute! Never would've thought to use fishing line. The picture of it in the sunshine with the shadow is awesome!


  14. Oh, I adore your wreath! The spider web & spider are just perfect...and I would love if you would link up to my Everything Halloween party starting this Sunday!

    Thanks so much!!!

  15. Hey Allison!! :) I love your wreath!! The spider web is so cute! And I love the shadow it makes - so fun!!

  16. It's amazing the things we can do with felt! It's like the duct tape of 2011. Stopping by from A little Knick Knack's linky party. The wreath looks great (and your cat looked like he was a huge help)

  17. This is SO, SO, So adorable!!! I want to make my own!!!! :)

  18. YAY so glad you linked this up. I love love love your wreath!

  19. Super simple and ridiculously cute!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. I loved your wreath and featured it today at House of Hepworths!

    Feel free to stop by and grab a button if you'd like.

    Have a great weekend.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  21. I just saw that you were featured on HoH. Congrats!


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