Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween Art Tutorial

I shared this idea over at Miss Lovie last week but wanted to share it with you all here as well just in case you didn't see it.

Halloween Art

Would you like to see how I did it?
Here ya go!

- 4 canvases (Any size you choose. I used 5 x7)
-An empty cereal box
-Martha Stewart Glitter Paint
-Double sided Foam tape
-Silhouette or Cricut (optional)

How to make them:

I started by painting the canvases with the glitter paint but quickly realized that I needed a base coat of paint first.

So... paint your canvases with a base coat of the same color as the glitter paint you are using.

I painted all 4 canvases: navy, black, purple, and a silver.

I downloaded some Halloween designs from Silhouette and used my machine to create some templates.

I used regular card stock paper to create the templates.

I then made the cereal box completely flat.

Flipped the box to the plain side and lay your template on it.

Then trace the template.

Do this with all your shapes.

Then take an Exact-o Knife and cut out all of your shapes.

Add a base coat again to the cutouts because you will also coat these in glitter.

Coat with glitter until you get the coverage you want.

I wanted to give the shapes some dimension so I used foam tape to do this.

See the foam?!

I like that you can see the shadows of the top shape on the bottom.
I then just hot glued the side of the pumpkins closed.

Here are some up close shots of each canvas.
Moon and witch:
The moon is raised off the canvas and then the witch is raised off the moon with the foam tape.

Black cat:
I used the foam tape again to raise it off the canvas but I used two different sizes on his feet to make it look like 2 feet are farther back. Then I bent his tail forward a little to add more dimension.

I added the foam pieces in the center and to raise it and then glued the sides together. I then used the foam tape to raise it off the canvas.

I bent the wings to make it look like it is in flight.
I added foam to the main body to attach to the canvas and then two small pieces at the very edge of the wings to attach to the canvas.
He is my favorite one!

Here is a side shot of the grouping on the wall so you can see the dimension a little better.

I hung them up with a fun bunting banner to complete the idea.

Hope you like my Halloween Art.


  1. I love all of that sparkle! Fun projects, Allison!

  2. Too Cute!! I didn't even know that foam tape existed. Where do you get it?

  3. Very cute! Love the way you did the bat wings.

  4. did you know that Michaels is having a halloween craft contest? you may want to check that out AND the printable coupons (now online)!

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