Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guest Post: Dream Home DIY


Hello A Glimpse Inside readers!

My name is Michelle stopping by from over at Dream Home DIY

Our blog is essentially a compilation of journal entries;

a time line of projects and renovations on our path to forever.

So, how would I describe our style?
At times, it tends to lean severely towards the "quirky" side.

Throw in a little classic, a bit of rustic charm, a dash of color and you've made yourself a Michelle and Justin Margarita.

A few of our favorite projects to date include....

But today, Im here to share our first Christmas craft of the season!

It's easy, elegant, and inexpensive (just the way we like it).

Step 1

Start with a foam wreath. We picked up ours for $5 at Walmart.

Step 2

Wrap the entire wreath with large, silky white ribbon (another $5 Walmart purchase)

Step 3

Begin spraying small sections of the wreath at a time with an adhesive. Sprinkle faux snow over the entire piece and allow to dry.

Step 4

While that's drying, cut out various sized snow flakes from sheets of craft foam ($.89 per at Michaels)

There are millions of different templates online.

Step 5

Glue the snowflakes onto your wreath and hang!

Happy crafting and home renovations!

SO CUTE Michelle!
Thanks so much for sharing!


  1. Cute, simple and cheap. It doesn't get any better! Great job and thanks for sharing.

  2. That is an adorable wreath!! Love the simplicity and at the same time how beautiful it came out!! Fabulous!!

    And that stenciled wall is amazing, I am not that brave but wish I was! It looks beautiful!!

    -Meesh :)

  3. Put a frame around the thermostat...GENIUS! Mine was put right smack-dad in the entry wall of our living room... How's that for great planning...UGH!


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