Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guest Post: A Little Tipsy


I am excited to be visiting here on A Glimpse Inside! I got to meet Allison in person at Creative Estates and she is such a cutie!

Hi, I'm Michelle from...

So I was walking in to Walmart (the necessary evil) on November 1st and they were playing Christmas music! C'mon, I love Christmas just as much if not more than the next girl, but what ever happened to Thanksgiving? Why is Christmas decor in the stores after back to school? Anyway, I want to enjoy each season so I am putting my foot down and sharing, get this, a Thanksgiving craft in November. Shocking right. I live on the edge.

So here it is, my fun little turkey friend for the kiddos I have lovingly named...

Terrence the Turkey

He may be a little shy at first, but once you get to know him he is a total Butterball.

Supplies needed:

2" Styrofoam ball
Serrated knife
Brown paint
Foam Brush
5 Crayons
Pointy nosed pen
Brown cardstock
Yellow cardstock
Red Cardstock

1. Slice off the bottom of the ball with a knife so it will sit flat.

2. Paint the ball brown.

3. In the center of the ball, push the pen in to the styrofoam about 1/2 inch to make a holes for the crayons. It has to be in the middle straight to the center or the crayons will tip the ball over.

4. Cut a body shape, beak, and gobble out of the cardstock.

5. Use your knife to make a slit in the styrofoam in front of the crayons to slide the body in.

6. Hot glue the beak on. Cut a tiny slit in the gobble and slide it on to the beak.

Find a nice place for him on the kids table...

or set him free to roam.

Thanks for letting me stop in and feel free to swing by and visit Terrence and I any time over on A Little Tipsy!

Thanks so much for sharing!!

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  1. Thanks for letting me be a guest. Hope all is going well with the move!


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