Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Stenciled Bedroom Wall

We have this little alcove area in our bedroom. I guess it is suppose to be a sitting area but my husband's dresser is in the area along with our hampers and such. 
I had gotten a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and it is the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil and decided that it would look really pretty to put into the alcove for a little something extra. 
So this weekend I finally got to it and it looks great!

It was super easy to do as well! 
Here's how I did it.

Before Travis deployed we painted our bedroom a medium gray color.
While my parents were here for P's birth, my dad painted our master bathroom one shade lighter on the paint chip so I used the left over paint from our bathroom for the stencil.
To begin, I measured out and used a chalk line to find the center of my wall. 

I tape up my stencil so it was lined up directly centered and made sure it was level.
Luckily, they provided me a trusty little level that you slip right onto the stencil so you don't have to fiddle with an actual large level. It was great!

I also had a roller to complete the stencil with but decided to do it with a stencil brush since I have textured wall and I was trying to eliminate as much bleeding as possible. 
I made sure my brush did not have a lot of excess paint and put it on the wall in a circular motion. 

After getting my first stencil done directly center, I worked my way up, to the left and right and to the bottom and filled in accordingly.

I kept my chalk line up the entire time to help line up my stencil across my wall. 
Once I was complete, I just took a baby wipe and wiped my wall down and away went the line.

I love the finished result! 
Plus it didn't take me that long to complete. 
I probably could have had it done in one day but I had to work during Miss P's nap times so I finished it in a few days.

 I love how it looks with our furniture as well. 

 It KINDA makes me want to continue it along the rest of the wall but I think I will hold off. 

But now that this is complete it really makes me want to finish other projects in our bedroom such as: -deciding on art work for that wall
-buying a chair and table for that corner
-and paint our hampers and get rid of the natural wood color that now looks VERY orange next to our gray walls and dark brown furniture.

Hopefully I can get some of these things crossed off before Travis comes home! We'll see! 



  1. That's one of my most favorite stencils from them!! Love's subtle and so pretty :) Good job Allison!

  2. Allison - that looks great! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

  3. It looks great, Allison! I love the look of using a similar color for the stencil. Totally how I would do it if I had the patience to stencil a wall. :)

  4. I love the stencil. It came out fabulous.


  5. This is sooooo pretty Allison!! I love the paint you used and that stencil is just perfect! It really brightens up that wall!

  6. I admire your stenciling abilities. me + stencils = hot mess!! Your room looks great & I bet it feels great to get something checked off your list!

  7. Love it. Love their stencils :)

  8. It looks great! I have a dining room that needs to be stenciled, but I have to hold off until I finish some other stuff. :s Love the pattern you used. :)

  9. this looks awesome! i'm so impressed you did this with little P in the house! wonder woman, you are!!!

  10. Looks Great Allison!! I've been wanting to try one. I'm glad to know it's not too hard!

  11. Looks fantastic! You did a fantastic job.


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