Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tasty Tueday: S'more Ideas

Have you seen the movie Sandlot? 
Do you remember the S'more scene when they are camping? 
That is totally one of my favorite parts of the movie and I could probably recite every line. 
Ham- "Would you like a S'more?"
Smalls- "S'more of what?"
Ham- "A S'more."
Smalls- "How can I have more of something when I haven't had anything to begin with?"

Anyways... August 10th was National S'more day and even though it has already past, I thought I would share a few S'more recipes I found on Kraft Foods.

Retakes on the Classic S'more:


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  1. I love just about anything smores related! So many great options...so little time!


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