Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter "One"derland Party Decoration Tutorial

Some friends of ours little girl just turned one and the theme of her party was "Winter "One"derland Party." 
I offered to help in any way and she asked me to make something for the door.
 I saw this cute 1 on pinterest then made it in the party colors and a little more wintery with the snowflakes.

 It is super easy to make too! 

 How to:
(Sorry for some not so great pics! It was a spur of the moment make and take pictures of type of project.)
-Form cut into a 1 or other number
-Hot glue gun
-Snowflake shapes

Cut your felt into squares and then make your squares circles.

Place a little bit of glue in the center of the felt and fold to make a flower looking piece.

Hot glut the flowers onto the form board. 
I alternating my 4 colors as I went. 

Glue until fully covered.

I then glued some ribbong to the back on the bottom and then glued some paper snowflakes I cut out to the ends to tie in the winter.

Better shot of the 1.

It was a really cute addition to the birthday party! 


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  1. I love the theme of the party! The one turned out really cute, the snowflakes are also a cute addition.


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