Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ric Rac Flower Tutorial

I have seen a few tutorials for Ric Rac flowers on Pinterest. 
Here are links to two that I have pinned, The Crafting Chicks and Ucreate

I love the look of Ric Rac flowers, I think because they remind me of a Ranunculus which I LOVE, so I decided I wanted to give them a go for P's Easter Basket. 

Here's how to create your own:

Begin by cutting your ric rac to length.

I actually used the entire piece of ribbon because I wanted my flowers to be large. 
Twist the ribbon tightly like you are braiding the ribbon. I placed the ribbon under the foot of my sewing machine to hold it as I did this and I twisted it about half, placed an alligator clip on the end and ran it through the sewing machine along one side, then twisted more and sewed until it was complete.

Once the ribbon is sewn, get out your glue gun.
Start rolling the ribbon with a dot of glue every so often to hold it.

Continue rolling until complete and tuck the very end of the ribbon under the rest.

Rub your  finger over the top of the flower to spread the petals.

Cut a small circle out of felt and glue it to the back to hold the flower together.

I then cut leaves out of felt and glued them to the back as well for a little something extra.
I added my flowers to the Easter Basket but you can use these on so many different things! 



  1. Hi Allison,

    these are the sweetest flowers. I must try these out for a spring wreath I'm making. I got tons of ric rac at a yard sale last year and didn't know what to do with it. This will do the trick.

    Thanks for sharing.

    God bless and have a grateful day,
    Anita aka Nit

  2. adorable! love it - saw you link at 'a glimpse inside.' So cute!

  3. Love this flower - I just love ric rac.

    Thanks for hosting - so happy to link up.

  4. So, so pretty! Thanks for sharing at our Pinterest Challenge!

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  6. Thanks! Added to my collection at

  7. Hi, i am from Indonesia and adore your work so much! I intend to make it and use it for pins, rings or necklaces! Anyway, thanks for sharing! Keep up your work,,


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