Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HELP! I can't decide on a Nursery Color Scheme!


Now that we've decided to split the girl's up and Baby M 2.0 will have her own room, I have been in "Decorate nursery mode." 
I know what we are going to do on one of the walls in her room but I can't decide on a color scheme and with only 10 weeks left, I'M STRESSING OUT!!!! 

We plan on putting this plank treatment on the crib/focal wall. 
It won't be as rustic and just painted solid white.
My goal for this week is to pin point the color scheme and PRAY I can find at least one of the fabrics that will go in her room.
I've been on the search for fabric and nothing as screamed "Use me in your nursery!" either so I thought I would try to get the colors first.

So, will you help me out?! 

I am kinda all over the place with the color schemes that I like. I like a few different ones and just am not positive which route I really want to go. Some are on the brighter side, some are a lighter... AHHHHH!

I am going to share a few that I've pinned and like and will you please vote on what you like best?! 
Some are pretty similar so I will try to place those near each other. 

 Sorry that some of the pics are blurry. They were small and I couldn't find a larger image of them so hope you can tell the colors.

 A.) This is the scheme I was originally going to do for Baby M 2.0 when she was going to share a room with her sister. It would be a brighter yellow though.
I still really like it but trying to decide if I want to completely change it up from Miss P's.

B.) This is similar to Scheme A. but it has more green in it but I think I still like it with yellow.

 C.) I have always thought this color scheme would be SO cute for a little girl's room.

 D.) Very similar to Scheme C just a few more colors added and the green is softer.

 E.) Similar to C and D as well.

F.) This is also similar to the previous 3 but on a lighter scale.

G.) A little more minty

H.) Light tones and instead of minty green, how about some light blue.

I.) Similar to the scheme above but it is a little bit deeper in tones.

 J.) Same as above but adding in some yellow for a little more pop.

K.) Deeper jewel tones- Instead of aqua bring in a navy (which I am loving right now) and then an orange/deep yellow. 

 L.) Take out the purple and separate the orange and yellow.

M.) More pinks and more of a grayish navy blue.

N.) Navy, hot pink, and yellow (I love this look but wonder if it will be too dark.)

 O.) And something a little different- blue, orange, and pink

Again- some are very similar so I tried to group them. Guess there are about 4 or 5 schemes total.

PLEASE leave a comment with the letter of the scheme(s) you like best!! 
I would SOOOOOOOO appreciate it! :) 



  1. I think that you might be overthinking it. Those color schemes are all so similar and all so beautiful for a nursery! Personally, B stands out among the others. I'm such a thrifter that I'd base it off of the general theme, but be open to finding fun items that are close but not necessarily a perfect match. Good luck mama! You've got a great start!

  2. I vote G or O. :) They are all lovely though.

  3. I love M for a little girls room. All that toned down navy, soft pink and taupe with those pops of hot pink and buttercup yellow - it would be so soothing and yet fun at the same time. Love it! Good luck picking one!!

  4. They're all pretty, but my favorite is F. Soft enough to be soothing but with enough variety to be interesting.

  5. I always have a hard time starting a room. I prefer to find 1 fabric that I LOVE that I will use in the room and then go from there, picking paint that matches and coordinating fabrics and colors.

    But if I have to pick one .. J! The Candy Color one :)

  6. could drive yourself nuts with this many choices. I think you need to narrow it down to like three and ask us. ;o) They're all pretty though and very similar. I think I like M the best.

  7. I like C and J. C a little more than J.

  8. I like N, maybe keep the navy to just accents to keep it lighter?

  9. I like them all but I got it down either F or O. Anything you chose will be beautiful!

  10. I can see why you are having a difficult time deciding, they are all pretty color schemes! I personally like I the best, but then again I am currently doing my studio in melon and teal with white accents, so that's probably why. . . Lol! I also think f and j are lovely as well. Whatever you choose is going to be pretty, so try not to stress too much. Good luck!

  11. Hey I match Dawn! I like either F or O.

  12. B or O would be my choice. I think I am leaning more towards O. I like the orange and that light blue color together.

  13. I like O, the pink blue and orange. It's just a little bit different from your other choices, so it must mean you should pick that one. *wink* Good luck! ps I have enjoyed your weekly pic updates. :)

  14. F would be very sweet and easy to work with when she is older.

  15. I like most of the color schemes very much but my personal fav would be 'H'. So very lovely. I think you should go with your instinct though. 10 weeks is still plenty of time. Deep breath. Choose. Move on. It's only paint and fabric. It can be changed later. (Okay MUCH LATER with a newborn, but still......)Whatever you choose will be lovely!!!!

  16. I love F and G. Im having a hard time too picking out a room color for my sweet granddaughter/craft room in my home when she sleeps over. I think Im going with a pink, coral,and mint green. Good luck. There are soooo many choices out there.

  17. Oh my...I love L. They are all pretty though. My niece just repainted her room orange at age 9 after having an all pink. Her mother went with it though and it ended up looking quite lovely. (Something for you to look forward to) Maybe you can save the ones you don't pick for when she is older :)

  18. I like F and M. N looks like a visual for M to me. Navy would probably be fine as an accent wall, but over powering on all walls. Especially if the room doesn't get a lot of light. Stay away from anything the color of Pepto Bismol on the walls. It looks bad. I'm speaking from experience. My oldest wanted a scheme very similar to O. She wanted 3 walls pink and one the orange. We did it and I still don't like it.


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