Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wacky Apple Product Review + GIVEAWAY

I recently had the opportunity to receive and review some products from Wacky Apple.

Wacky Apple is a family owned and operated local Colorado brand dedicated to organic farming and producing delicious applesauce, fruit juices and fruit snacks.
Wacky Apple products are made from naturally sweet organic apples, free of pesticides; contain no added water, no artificial colors, no preservatives and no added sugar. Perfect for all those little kiddos in your life!

Their products are Colorado Proud, gluten free, vegan, and contain NO GMO’s. 
Wacky Apple makes delicious, fun, organic food your on-the-go family won’t stop eating and their mission is to get healthy snacks into the hands (and mouth's) of kids so they may develop their own nutritious and healthy living habits!  
Wacky Apple is available in all Colorado Whole Foods, Sprouts, King Soopers + City Markets.

Their products include 5 flavors of organic apple sauce, 5 flavors of organic apple juice, 3 flavors of Flat Fruit (AKA: fruit leather), and seasonal organic fresh fruit such as apples, pears and black berries.

I received a gift pack full of all of these goodies.
 It included numerous flavors of apple sauce, apple juice, and the flat fruit.

It arrived RIGHT before lunch so I immediately pulled out some of the items for Miss P to try and she loved every bit of it. 
I was a little worried she wouldn't like some of the flavors of applesauce or juice just because she wasn't familar with some of the fruits that the apples were mixed with but she hasn't had any issure at all! 

I will definitely be looking out for Wacky Apple products when I head out grocery shopping to buy more since I love the fact that they are organic and all natural.

You can find all sorts of recipes on their website to help you incorporate Wacky Apple products into meals for you and your kids. 

Now onto the giveaway.
One lucky reader will win and receive a Wacky Apple Gift Pack just like the one in the picture above. 

Enter using the Rafflecopter Widget below. 




  1. This brand sounds really cool! I live in CO but have never seen it in stores... I'll have to look out for it now! :)


  2. And I didn't say which product I'd like to try... definitely one of the flavored applesauces! I love those.

  3. My kiddos love applesauce a d I love the little flat fruits for my purse and preventing meltdowns when we're out.

  4. I would like to try the applesauce. This would be great to take on shopping trips with my daughter.

    Les Johnson

  5. I had never heard of this brand. It sounds like something Wynn would love to try...probably the apple juice the most since she loves that.


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