Friday, December 13, 2013

Rustic Wood Disk Ornaments from Delicate Construction

Michelle from Delicate Construction is here with a great ornament project for this. 

Hey All! This is Michelle from Delicate Construction and I am so excited to be on A Glimpse Inside today!! Thank you for having me and I hope Allison is having and amazing time with her new little girl! 
 Before I get into my fun ornament craft, let me take a second to introduce myself! profile 
But back to the important stuff- the crafts! 
I love putting together trees each year, especially with new color schemes and themes. 
This year, my tree has evolved from what I had on hand in hopes to make it completely DIY and recycled to be super affordable. The colors are turning out to be a mix of golds and browns with glitter and ribbon mixed with wood and burlap- glam meets rustic.... glustic?!
 These little beauties I made recent for the tree may be my favorite so far! 
I found these fun little wood disks at the craft store and some gold vinyl and came up with these Rustic Wood Disk Ornamnets! 
What do you think?!
rustic ornaments
I love the affect and how they fit in perfectly with both the rustic touches and the gold touches- plus they were really affordable to make! 
I found this bag of 20 wood disks in the floral department of the craft store for about $7 (then use a coupon on top of that!) and the vinyl was in with the bulk scrapbook paper for $3 for a sheet (12x24, plus it was on sale for 25% off). I had the twine and hot glue on hand so came for around $7 total for 20 ornaments- come on, that is a great deal!

rustic ornaments 2 
Plus they go together rather quickly, I just picked out a bunch of images on my Cricut and cut them to the various sizes needed (about 1 inch to 2.25 inches). 
After that, all I had to do was stick them on and glue a twine loop to the back! That means this is not only a frugal craft but an under 30 minute craft- those are my favorite! rustic ornaments 
I had a lot of fun with this project and hope you make some for your tree soon!
rustic ornaments 3 
Make sure to come on by and visit me sometime! 
Thanks for having me today!

Thanks so much for sharing Michelle! Those are super cute!



  1. These are so pretty and would make cute gifts as well. I just pinned it :)


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