Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Valentine Felt Tree

I have another easy project for you today. 
I told you that I am full of them lately, in fact, one more is coming next week! :) 
But now that I am a momma to two and nap time is the only crafting time I get, they need to be fast, east projects. 

So here is another easy Valentine's Day project for you. 

I'm sure you have seen these around but I'll still tell you how I created it. 

-Foam tree forms
-Glue Gun
-Candlestick (optional)

Start by cutting the felt into squares.

 Then cut circles out of all the squares. 
I decided to use my pinking shears to cut them to add some texture to the tree. 

 I placed a drop of glue in the center of each circle and squeezed it together.

Then, I started gluing the circles around the base of the foam tree.

Working may way up the form.

I continued gluing the circles all the way up until the base was completely covered, filling in any gaps when it was complete. 

I already had this candlestick so I plopped it on top for added height but you could easily just leave it as is.

I placed it on my mantle to the right of my window.

And I am happy with how it looked! 

Best part of this project, I had everything already on hand so it was FREE for me! :) 
But even if you have to buy the supplies, it is still a cheap project.

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