Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What's in Your Handbag Series: Heather from Our Life in a Click

Welcome Heather from Our Life in a Click showing off what's in her handbag today.

Hi, I'm Heather from Our Life In a Click and I'm so thrilled to be participating in Allison's "What's In Your Handbag?" series!

 I do love a good handbag but I usually stick with one for awhile when I find one that I like.  This particular one is from Madewell and I got it for my birthday last year and it's been on my arm for the last 6 months or so.  I love how the leather is getting more distressed the more I use it.  I had been on the look out for the perfect saddle brown bag and this one was IT!
It's huge, I know...but it holds my laptop and or camera if I need to take them somewhere.
 So how do I keep it from becoming a giant black hole?
This little purse organizer has been my saving grace (Christmas gift from MIL a few years ago).
Here's a rundown of what's inside (minus my Iphone, since I was home the phone wasn't in my purse).

1)I love this Fossil wallet!! It holds everything I need and I can even put my phone in there and just grab it if I don't feel like carrying the whole purse.
2)Lip color
3)My daughter got me this cute Coach key ring and I use it for all of my store cards
4)Tissues (sometimes more than one pack)
5)Mints and gum
6)First aid supplies-Advil and Band Aids are key
7)Hand sanitizers (I didn't realize I was carrying 3!)
8)My favorite aviator sunnies
9)Pens-I always prefer to use my own pens when I'm out & about (see #7)
10)Hand lotion
11)Car keys
12)Reusable shopping bag

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my big handbag! 
Thanks for reading and thank you Allison!

Thanks for sharing Heather! :) 


  1. Thanks so much for having me over Allison! It was fun!!

  2. I feel like I just looked through your private stuff Heather! Now I know who to ask for necessities.

  3. I should have known that your purse would be so very organized and you would be prepared for any emergency.....mine frequently looks like a landfill....sadly, not much of a surprise! :)

  4. What a fun post! I'm such a vouyer, love seeing what others have in their bag. Haha!

  5. Fun! Thank you for sharing. I picked up some great ideas on organizing my handbag!

  6. Beautiful bag! And the organizer is an excellent idea. My purse has everything dumped in there.


  7. This is so fun! I love how organized your bag is!


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