Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day + Military Ball

Happy Memorial Day everyone! 

I hope you all have a great day with your family and friends! 
During your time though, please take a moment and remember those that weren't so lucky to come home from war after fighting for our freedom. 

Thursday night, Travis and I attended his Military Ball and at every ball there is always an empty table with only 1 chair that symbolizes those that didn't come home. There is one candle to represent hope, one rose to represent the loved ones of the fallen, a yellow ribbon representing loyally waiting for those serving to come home, a wine glass turned over to represent that the fallen soldier can not participate in the toast, one place setting with a lemon wedge on the plate representing the bitter loss of a loved one and then salt on the plate to represent the tears shed for those lost. 
It is a touching ceremony so I hope all of you to remember those that could not come home to their loved ones.

Now on to a slightly happier note, thought I would share some pics from that night. 

 Travis and I all dressed up for the ball.
He sure is handsome isn't he?! :) 

 Table centerpiece

The Squadron Guidon Flags

 Travis and his First Sergeant waiting for dinner to start.

It was nice to get all dressed and go out without the girls for a little dinner and dancing.


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