Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's in Your Handbag Series: Katelyn from Learning, Creating, Living

Happy Wednesday! 
Katelyn from Learning, Creating, Living is here today sharing what she keeps inside her handbag.

Hi! My name is Katelyn & I blog over at Learning Creating Living & I could not be more excited to be guest posting for the what's in your handbag series today. I love handbags so this series is perfect for me.

At the moment I carry around this brown faux leather Merona handbag that my husband bought me at Target. I usually get new handbags with every season (crazy, huh?) but I love this handbag so much I've been using it for almost a year!

I never add anything new to my handbag, so this is pretty much what you'll always see if you ever take a peek. 

1. My favorite sunglasses.
2. Doublemint & Extra gum - You can never have too many decisions when it comes to gum!
3. My wallet that is filled with lots of change & weighs a ton.
4. Antibacterial from Bath & Body - I always stock up on the Fall scents because they are my fav.
5. Lip Balm - I never go anywhere without having Softlips & Baby Lips.
6. Car keys with no key chains, they're boring, I know.
7. Wet ones & a weekly planner - You can never be to clean or organized.
8. My handy dandy iPhone 5 - It's pretty much my baby.
9. Pens - I tend to loose them so I can never have enough.
10. Lastly, lots of bobby pins, cause every girl knows that you loose those right & left!

There you have it!
There's nothing really exciting in my handbag, but I can't go anywhere without having these things.

Thanks so much Allison for letting me guest post for the series & thank you guys for checking out what's in my handbag!
Stop by Learning Creating Living & say hello, I'd love to meet you!


Thanks so much for sharing Katelyn!! 


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