Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Destash my Stash Giveaway

Happy Tuesday all! 

Summer is just around the corner and I am teaming up with 19 other bloggers for a fun summer giveaway where we are destashing our craft stashes.

Each blogger went through their craft supplies and gathered items to give away to all of you. There will be 1 winner for EACH blogger's stash so be sure to check out all the other items up for grabs!

You can take a look at each blogger's individual basket on their own blog:
These are all amazing giveaways!

Want to see what items I picked out of my stash for all of you?! 
Here you go! 

Here are the items as a whole but let me break them down for ya so you can see each item more closely.

 Two jewelry making books- one for bracelets and one for necklaces

Small scrapbook album

Book boards

A roll of printed burlap ribbon

Jar of random buttons

A card and envelope set

Small chipboard albums
Perfect for kiddos! 

3 mini rolls of Duck Tape

5 containers of glittler

Pack of paper clips that have heads that can be decorated

Pack of scrapbook paper

A pack of Party Stationary so you can print your own party items
I got these and kept them in case we had a boy but seeing that we have two girls and we are done... time to let them go! 

Ruffle Fabric

Spellbinders Stencils

Enter to win my stash using the Rafflecopter widget below.
You will also be entered to win all the other blogger's stash giveaways as well so be sure to check them all out! 




  1. anything with spray paint.....I can't spray in the winter months!

  2. I start getting ready for Christmas in the summer! Working on Cards and gifts!

  3. Probably anything to decorate the outside of our house....so many possibilities!

  4. As of now, I'm sewing maternity dresses for myself, but very soon we're moving a newer bigger place so I'll be doing a lot of crafty nesting :)

  5. I have a lot of this same stuff, such fun stash!


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