Monday, June 16, 2014

The 7 Month Adventures of Miss S

Seriously guys?! 
Why is it when you were younger you felt like time DRAGGED by but now that you are older and have kids time just FLIES?! 

How is Miss S seriously 7 mths old already? 

Here is a little recap of her adventures from this past month. 
Unfortunately, my darn phone decided to factory reset itself and I lost some super cute pics from this past month that I didn't upload anywhere else yet so I am super upset about that but it is what it is now. 

Monthly photo shoot shots.
My mom made the cute watermelon patch just like she has made every patch for the girls. 

As you can tell, Miss S' personality is starting to shine a little more. 
She is definitely a fun little girl! 

Poor Miss S has to put up with so much from big sis, Miss P!! 
Miss P loves to love on her and Miss S is starting to try to defend herself a little more these days. 

Here are some proofs from her 6 mth pictures. 

She got to help me celebrate my first Mother's Day as a momma to 2 little girls. 

- She loves playing in her exersaucer and has figured out has to spin herself around now. 
-She wasn't feeling too well so she got to stay up and hang out with momma.
-She now sits up by herself. It suddenly just clicked one day and she loves to sit now! 
-Big sis and her sported their cute little bunny shirts that their Gammi made. 
-We rarely get rain here and one day we had a great afternoon storm and this one LOVED sleeping during it.
-She just looked cute as always! 

More fun things:
-Now sits in the tub for bath time by herself.
-She has even taken a few baths with big sis! (so wish I didn't lose those pics!)
-She helped celebrate Miss P turning 2.
-And got to go swimming for the 2nd time.

Finally took her in for her 6 mth check up and she is itty bitty! 
She only weighed 13 lbs. and was 25 in. so we have to go in for monthly weight checks to make sure she is gaining weight now.

 So far this month has been very adventurous for her so next month's recap post will be a big one!! :)



  1. They are both adorable. Looks like you've got your hands full for sure. Such cuties - enjoy each day!

  2. Your girls are so cute! Don't you love having two girls? I have two girls of my own. Oldest will be 3 in 4 months and youngest is 16 months old. My girls are 16 months apart. How many months apart are yours?

    1. Thanks so much! They are a lot of fun! My girls are 17 mths apart. Sure makes it interesting doesn't it?! ;)


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