Monday, December 15, 2014

4 Free & Simple Christmas Printables

Christmas is officially 10 days away!! CRAZY!
So today I created some simple Christmas printables for you.

I know most of you are probably all decorated but I have a few options available so hopefully one will match the decor in your home.

I created each as an 8x10 but you could easily print them smaller if that is what you would like. 
I print mine through Picasa in which it let me play with the options of cropping or shrinking the image to fit on my page but I didn't have any problems with them.
Just play with the settings in Picasa or your printer settings. For some reason, mine printed better through Picasa than through the software for my actually printer. It was cutting off one side of my image in my printer software for some reason. 

Anyways... pick which design you would like or save all 4 below! 

Happy Holidays!!!


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  1. Using one of these to go with my co-worker gifts. Thanks. Needed a good printable.


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