Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Would you be Interested...

Happy Tuesday everyone! 

I don't have a craft or decorating post for you today but I am here to get your opinion. 
I am thinking of starting a new series on my blog, a "Craft with Me" series and was curious if this would be something that would be of interest to you guys.

 I would share a craft once a month, something relatively easy, using items that anyone can easily go out and buy and use and share it with all of you. You would create your own version of the craft and I would have a link party attached to the post where you can link up your creation to show off. 

I thought this would be something fun to add to the blog in 2016. I would ask for some of my blog friends to participate as well to get a fun array of projects 

So tell me, PLEASE, would this be something that would interest you guys?! 
Leave me a comment telling me yay or nay so I can get to planning on this month's project! 

Thanks guys and have a great rest of the week! :)



  1. I would love to do this. Maybe not every month, but I'm totally in!

  2. Yes, this would be great! Wonderful idea.

  3. I would love this! I'm a crafter and pinterest-lover so I'm always looking for new projects to try. ~ Jackie

  4. Sounds fun. I always need inspiration.

  5. I think you should follow your gut.We are here on your blog not just for the great, free recipes, but also for you. What you share about your day, life, anything. Most here are of the creative spirit, and I would certainly enjoy making a crafty item anytime. Go for it.!

  6. I agree with Teri, your blog to share the things you love to talk about.
    I would love the challenge, I did this a few years ago and it was fun, Im in.

    Have a great week!
    Oh My Heartsie Girl:)


I love to receive and read your comments. It just makes my day! :)

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