Friday, July 29, 2016

{Feature Friday} #93

It's Friday! 
I hope you have some fun plans for your weekend.

Perhaps if you don't have plans, one of these ideas may inspire you to get creative. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Handmade Hangout Party #112

It's Thursday evening! 
Are you ready to show us what you've got this week?
Let's do it!!

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

Allison from A Glimpse Inside

Becca from From Gardners to Bergers

Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands

Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Alli from Made with HAPPY


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Back to School Round Up and a FREE Printable!

My kids head back to school on August 9th. AUGUST 9th!!! How is it possible that we are a mere two weeks away from school starting. This year is flying by...which means the summer has flown by as well! I am sure some of you still have a few weeks of summer left so just stash this post where you can find it when you're ready to start!

We are pretty ready...I think! Uniforms are hanging in the closet. School supplies have been purchased, organized and are in the kids backpacks. We have back to school night next week, we'll get to see the teachers, classrooms etc and drop off all the supplies ahead of time. My third child is SO excited to be starting kindergarten and I am so excited for her too because her teacher is AWESOME!

I am feeling a little ahead of the game but I have some more things I feel the need to prepare. Along with the start of the school year also comes the start of my job for the year. I will be working in the afternoons program at the kids school. I am so excited to have this job again after taking a year off when Josiah was born. I am also a little sad to be leaving my two youngest while I go to work. Isn't that a constant struggle...when you're home all the time you want to work but when you're working you want to be home! Well, it is for me at least.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wood Geometric Art

It's the end of July, which is crazy, so it is time for this month's "Craft with Me" post.

 I created this to add to my gallery wall in my craft room and it is a super simple project! 

 You only need a few supplies and this can be done in a short time.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Fabric Covered "Play" Word Art

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! 
 Travis was home for the first weekend in about a month so needless to say we all enjoyed the much needed family time. 

I have been finding some time to get a little crafty lately, which is awesome because I definitely felt like I was in a slump, and this is a projected I completed one afternoon last week.

I love how it turned out and it was pretty easy to do as well, just takes a little bit of time, but I completed it in one nap time session. 

 Here's what I did.

-Large wooden word of your choice (I got this fabulous Play from my blogging friend Amanda and her new shop, Impressions Shop.)
-Quilting Batting
-Spray Adhesive
-Hot Glue Gun (low temp gun is the way to go to save your finger tips!)

Friday, July 22, 2016

MHCT&M: Sewing Tips- Sharpening Your Sewing Tools

It is the last week for sewing tips for July's Must Have Craft Tips & More.

 If it is your first time here, my friends, Michele of The Scrap Shoppe, Bev of Flamingo Toes, Kara of Mine for the Making and I (Allison of A Glimpse Inside), pick a theme for each month and share a special tip to go with that theme every Friday.

And like I stated in the beginning, we are finishing up some great Sewing tips! In case you missed them, check out Tip 1, Tip 2, and Tip 3.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few super simple ways to sharpen those tools of yours!

Most scissors, rotary cutters, pins and needles get dull over time from use.
They can easily be sharpened with a few items you probably already have sitting around the house.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Handmade Hangout Party #111

It's Thursday evening! 
Are you ready to show us what you've got this week?
Let's party!!

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

Allison from A Glimpse Inside

Becca from From Gardners to Bergers

Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands

Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Alli from Made with HAPPY


{Fabulous Features} #92

Hope you are having a good week. 
I have a long list of things that I have wanted to work on and well, barely have touched any of it so far. Hopefully that changes in the next few days. 

I have some great ideas for you today from last week's Handmade Hangout Party

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles Kids Love to Help Make

It's been a hot summer, and popsicles are a fantastic refreshing treat! 
These strawberry watermelon popsicles are easy to make and a great recipe for the kids help create. 

Hello readers! It's Molly from Just a Little Creativity, joining you again to share one of my son's favorite popsicle recipes. My youngest is almost 8 and has always loved helping out in the kitchen. He has a few cookbooks for kids, but is actually great at reading and adjusting recipes to his liking. These Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles were inspired by a recipe called Rocket Pops in the kids cookbook The New Junior Cookbook from Better Homes.

He's made these several times (they're his favorite) and has tried a lot of new combinations of flavors. When I told him I wanted to share his best one yet with the readers here, we decided on the strawberry watermelon combo. The flavors are summer inspired and FRESH!

Here's what you'll need:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Easy "Gather" Sign

Since we finally got around to painting and redoing our kitchen, I'm now trying to figure out how I want to decorate the space.

I had a few ideas of what I wanted such as farm house touches, perhaps a little vintage, it was now that fact of me finding what would work in our newly revamped space.

I knew I wanted a sign of sorts. 
Did I want something that said Kitchen, Bakery, Eat... I wasn't against it but it had to be the right sign.
So while I was browsing around Hobby Lobby for some accessories I saw a sign that said "gather." I thought that would be perfect for the kitchen but the sign was too big for the space so I thought, what if I made one! 

And here is what I created. 

This was seriously SOOOOO easy! 
I even made it in like 15 mins! 

Friday, July 15, 2016

MHCT&M: Sewing- Tips for Sewing with Kids

Hello there and welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips- hosted by Michele of The Scrap Shoppe, Bev of Flamingo Toes, Allison of A Glimpse Inside, and me (Kara of Mine for the Making).

 Every week we share a fun and different tip or trick and this month it's all about sewing! 
This week I am sharing Tips for Sewing with Kids... what a great summer activity to get your kids involved in! 


Tip #1 Gather and use the correct sewing tools.  
Before setting your child down to learn to sew, be sure you have all the necessary sewing tools. It's also a good idea to talk about the names of the tools and what they are used for. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

{Handmade Hangout Party} #110

It's Thursday evening! 
Are you ready to show us what you've got this week?
Let's party!!

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

Allison from A Glimpse Inside

Becca from From Gardners to Bergers

Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands

Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Alli from Made with HAPPY


{Fabulous Features} #91

Happy Thursday everyone! 
 I sure am happy it is almost the weekend since Travis has been working late days with training, weekends included, and with this week coming to a close means that we are that much closer to the end of that.

But anyways.... let me share with you a few ideas that caught my eye at last week's Handmade Hangout Party.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Chocolate Chip Malted Milk Cookies

It’s pretty hard to find someone who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie. They’re a classic and a staple for a reason—they’re delicious! What you will find, however, is a multitude of preferences when it comes to those cookies. Some people love thick, chewy cookies, and some people love thin, crispy cookies. I’m partial to toasted pecans in my cookies while others don’t want any nuts near theirs. What we can agree on it this—they’re always room for a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I’ve got one of my favorites to share with you today.

These cookies feature an ingredient that isn’t used often in baking, but it really brings something to the party. It’s malted milk, and it makes all the difference. The addition of this ingredient instantly makes the cookies more toasty and complex tasting, but it definitely retains the chocolate chip deliciousness. The finished cookies are crispy on the edges, softer in the center and so good you’ll find it difficult to stop at one. 

Chocolate Chip Malted Milk Cookies

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Geometric Vases

I have had these vases for quite some time now. I bought them from the craft department at Target and wasn't really sure what I was going to do with them. 

So when it came time for me to finally sit down and craft this past weekend, I knew I needed to finally work on these. 
And I love how they came out! 

These really weren't hard to create at all.
Here's how I did it.

 -Wooden vases
-Chalk or Acrylic paint
-Scrapbook paper (optional)
-Sand paper or file
-Faux Succulents
-Mod Podge 
-Ink pad (optional)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Polka-dot Hello Sign

I actually managed to find some time this weekend to get some crafting done. Nothing major but I crafted! 

Here is project one that I got completed.

I wanted to make more of a statement piece for the foyer so I have been trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a while now. 

After toying around with a few ideas, I went digging through my supplies.
I brought this hello sign home from SNAP, which is part of Heidi Swapp's line of products, and went digging in our extra wood pile in the basement and created this new sign.

- Wood Hello word
-Large piece of wood or canvas
-Acrylic Paint
-Glitter (optional)
-Sand Paper
-Round pounce brush
 -All purpose glue

Begin by using the round brush to paint circles on the piece of wood.
Set aside to dry.

While the polka-dots are drying, paint the hello word whatever color you'd like.

I wanted to add a little sparkle to my word since there is a window where a good amount of light comes through in the foyer, so I took some stickles and painted it on. Don't have stickles? You could use normal glitter as well.
This step is totally optional.

Not over the top glittery but enough to add some shine. Perfect!

 Once the dots are dry, take some sand paper and sand down the wood so they aren't so stark and this way it will give it a little bit of a worn, vintage feel.

Once everything is dry, use wood glue or a good all purpose glue and attach your word to your main base. Stack something heavy on top and let dry! 

It fits perfectly on the shelf by the front door. 
I snip a hydrangea bloom from one of our plants outside and stuck it in a little vase next to it.

Makes for a warm greeting when entering the house.

Friday, July 8, 2016

MHCT&M: Sewing Tips- 7 Great Sewing Timesavers

Hello and welcome to another week of Must Have Craft Tips - hosted by Michele from The Scrap Shoppe, Allison from A Glimpse Inside, Kara from Mine for the Making and me (Bev from Flamingo Toes)! 

Every week we bring a different fun tip or trick and this month we are all about Sewing tips!

 7 Great Sewing Timesavers 

This week I'm sharing Seven Great Sewing Time Savers - these are great ways to speed up your sewing projects and make everything easier. Something I can definitely use more of! 

So let's dive right in!  

Sewing Lace in Straight Lines
Time Saver #1: Use craft supplies in fun new ways! 

When I'm sewing multiple rows on something, or even just something with a wide width, rather than having to stop often and measure my seam allowance, I have a fun way to keep track! I add a strip of washi tape right onto my machine to mark where to line up the edge of my fabric. It can be moved easily and it's cute too! 
You can check out the whole Burlap and Lace Table Runner here to see what the finished project looks like!  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Handmade Hangout #109

Are you ready to party!? 
Let's do it! 

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

Allison from A Glimpse Inside

Becca from From Gardners to Bergers

Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands

Heather from Twin Dragonfly Designs

Alli from Made with HAPPY


{Fabulous Features} #90

Last week's Handmade Hangout Party was full of amazing ideas as usual.

Here are a few that caught my attention and I hope you find some inspiration to get creative or try a new recipe this weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Girl's Bathroom Makeover

I am pretty excited to finally show you the makeover we gave the girl's bathroom!
We started this a few months ago, and was pretty much done, but there were a few small things that we just kept putting off finishing and I'm thrilled that we finally got them done.

I'll start with a before picture of this, uh, lovely space.
 To say this space was beige is an understatement.
It was horrible! 
Beige tub/shower, beige walls, beige and mauve floors, horrible old vanity, dry woodwork.... oh this poor room needed so much help! 

Let's take a closer look at the horribleness shall we?

The previous owners installed these horrible tile floors when they bought the house in the early 90s. The grout was disgustingly dirty and it just grossed me out!! 

They also took off the original wall sink and put this beat up vanity in the room. It may have been in much better shape when they first installed it but it is definitely showing it's age with the chipped sink top, worn out door, and much more. 

The only thing going for this sink was that it did match the originally wood trim in the room.

I do love that original wall vanity mirror though! Best thing about the place but the poor wood was so dry and thirsty! 

There is also an awesome linen closet in the corner which provides a ton of storage! Another good thing! 

And then this super heavy curtain was left behind by the previous owner. It was so covered in dust and just bad for this little space! 

The room was so dark and again, beige, it so needed to a makeover! 

So let the makeover begin!! 

I began by painting a quick coat on the walls of a bright blue. It is pretty much the same color I painted in the girl's bathroom in CO and I knew it would be perfect in here too. 

Then Travis began by removing the vanity and toilet so we could rip out those floors. 
This was when we discovered that there was an original wall sink.

 Thankfully, the tile wasn't put down that well or was so old, it just popped right out which revealed the lovely original teal linoleum.
 After doing some research to see if this flooring would have asbestos in it, we figured out it didn't and that it was just backed by burlap and we could remove it.

Then we threw down some concrete board on the floor for a good new surface for the new tile.

And after Travis completed the tile floor and put the new vanity in, I got to do the painstaking job of painting all that trim white and finish the walls.

This definitely help to fully brighten up the room.

Ready to see the room now?
Here ya go! 

Isn't it so much brighter?! 

I seriously love how the room turned out! 

 We put down new cream and white long tile floors. They look like marble but are porcelain.
Since we were keeping the cream tub/shower and toilet, we had to find something that had white and cream in it to tie the whole room together. They turned out perfectly! 

I found some fun fabric that I liked and just whipped up a new, much lighter curtain for the window.

The new vanity is actually a cabinet we found at an antique store. It wasn't in the best of shape and was actually not the proper depth so we had to add a little but of wood to the back to make it work for us.
I gave it a coat of paint with some chalk paint in cream and it works great in the space.

Bought a bigger sink top from Home Depot to fit the new bigger vanity and it was a match made in heaven! 
We just reused the old faucet because that was in great shape and I loved the look of it.

The vanity mirror looks great in white and we kept the old lights that were in the room but gave them a facelift with some metallic spray paint since they were previously painted and not looking so hot anymore.

The vanity definitely works great with the medicine cabinet.

The newly painted linen closet sure brightened up this corner as well. 

And that's it!
Definitely a MAJOR improvement and I love the finish results!