Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Can you believe that Christmas is a month away already? I sure can't!! 
Where has this year gone? Seriously!? 
I feel like I say that every year but this year really has gone by so quickly! 

I only have a few Christmas gifts purchased and I should go ahead and wrap them to get ahead of schedule. Do you have any of your gifts yet? 
Well if you do, I designed some fun gift tags that you can print out. They would be great for presents or you can put them on jars or baskets for teacher gifts. 

I created these with a transparent background so you should be able to print them on plain white paper or even a color sheet. They would be cute on kraft paper as well.

I highly suggest it be a thicker piece of paper since they are a tag but just print them out, cut along the tag lines and then use a hole punch to create a hole to tie with ribbon or twine.

Grab a copy of the tags for yourself below!

If the widget below isn't working you can grab the tags here.

 Happy Thanksgiving!


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