Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Inspirational Garden Markers

Hello everyone!  This is Donna again from Modern on Monticello and I'm so glad you came by to visit here at A Glimpse Inside Blog.

This year, my husband and I finally planted a small vegetable garden in our raised garden beds.  We have talked about having a garden for at least two years. We even started the project more than once just for it to be sidelined by something else that needed to be done instead.  Most of you can relate to that problem.  This year we finally got it done and are excitedly watching our new seedlings grow.

For a side project to go along with the new garden, I thought it would be fun to make garden markers out of paint sticks.  Instead of just painting the paint stir sticks and adding a label, I decided to make them a bit more creative and added inspirational quotes to the garden markers with clothes pins attached for the labels.

Inspiration Garden Markers

For this project you will need:

  • ·         Paint sticks from your local hardware store.  (Home Depot sells these in a pack of 10)
  • ·         Acrylic paints in various colors
  • ·         Clothes pins
  • ·         Paint Brushes

I wanted these markers to really stand out against all of the green plants so I painted my paint stir sticks in a soft lavender color and the clothes pins in a bright yellow color.

The inspirational messages I chose for the garden markers are some simple but meaningful sayings.
·         Be Silly
·         Be Honest
·         Be Kind
·         Be Awesome
·         Be Humble
·         Be Brave

To mark what plants are growing in my small garden, I labeled each yellow painted clothes pin with the name and a small image of the vegetable.  The clothes pins are then clipped on to the side of the paint stick for an adorable and whimsical look for the garden.

As you can see I was photobombed by my own cat!   I hope everyone has a great May and I'll be back next month.


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