Friday, September 29, 2017

Basement Makeover Reveal

Ok, are you ready to see the final result of our basement makeover?! 
 I sure hope so because I am so excited to show you today. You won't believe how much brighter the space is now! 

Yesterday, I shared what it looked like before and the process we took to get us to where we are today.

Dark, dirty, mustard and ketchup colored, and well, depressing!

 And here is the basement today! 

Bright, cheery, clean, and ready to enjoy instead of go down quickly, throw the clothes into the washer and dryer and exit.

Let me take you on a quick tour of the place now. 

Stepping into the doorway you now have a totally different view. Before you would see the girl's large trampoline in the corner and a shelving unit to the right. 
Now, the trampoline is outside and the shelf is back where it was when we moved in, which made way for this side to turn into another play area for the girls. The playroom upstairs is great but small so their large toys were often hidden or just too much in the way so now they can keep them out and play with them any time without them being totally in the way. 

Tucked behind the door now is the tent we created for the girls for Christmas a few years ago. Before we couldn't have it set up since there wasn't a good place for it but now it can stay up and they can play in it any time. 

 One of the best parts about the tent is that it is large enough that we were able to place both of the girl's old crib mattresses inside it so it is comfortable to sit and play in there so they won't just be on the hard wood floor. We threw some pillows in there and of course some blankets and stuffed animals found their way in as well. It's fun spot to be in.

Travis built the large cube shelving unit to place on the floor under the winder where we tucked totes where they can store their toys and then the large castles and other large items can live on top so they can play with them on top of the shelf or easily grab them to play with on the floor. It is even sturdy enough that we could use it as a seat if we'd like as well. 
Above the cube shelf, we hung a small shelf that was already in the basement between the two windows. I painted it the same blue color as the other accents in the room and just decorated it with some canvases. Still have to figure out what else to place there but for now, it will do.

On the far wall, I hung up the picture frames I painted and used for Miss P's 5th birthday party. The girls can easily change out the artwork whenever they'd like since I used clothes pins to clip the artwork or just taped them to the wall. 

Then we brought down their bean bags from upstairs to sit on, an old storage bench we weren't using anymore got a coat of purple paint to cover up the messed up base, and throw in some more larger toys into this area, and we are all set.

We took Miss S's old crib and gave it a paint job and turned it into an art desk. Her crib got really messed up during our move here so it was no longer able to be used as her full size bed so this was the next best option. Normally they have their two white chairs that sit at this space but those moved back upstairs for a short time. 
We placed the desk in the center of the room between the three columns. It fit perfectly in the area and help define each side of the room. Next to the desk, sits an old nightstand that will eventually go in Miss S's room but for now serves as extra storage. 
And then the white rug on the floor are actually two rugs and used to be in each of the girl's rooms. We bought them new rugs for their rooms and instead of getting rid of these, we thought they would work well together down here in the space. 

Another view of the tent behind the door, the large cedar chest by the door was left by the previous owners and we use it to store our luggage so our kitties don't use them as scratching posts, and then I hung an old print on the wall above the chest. 

I still have a view more things I would like to add, decor wise, to this side of the room but the girls love it and enjoy going down to play. It will definitely come in handy during the long winter months. 

Before swinging to the other side of the room, here is a shot of the striped floor. I love how it turned out and I love that you can barely tell there is plywood under the washer and dryer anymore. :) 

Here is the view of the not so exciting side, the laundry/storage side of the basement, from the door.

The back corner is where we moved the large shelf that was in the room. We gave it a good cleaning with our pressure washer and I gave it a coat of paint and then everything was stacked on top and on the floor next to it. In the center of the room is the drop cloth rug I created and sits a large metal clothing rack that the previous owners left as well. It comes in very handy on laundry day to dry my clothes! 

The dryer sits on the window wall and then the island that was in our kitchen in CO sits under one of the windows. I use it to fold towels and sheets and some times the girl's clothing but mostly it is a large step for the kitties to jump on to get into their favorite window to watch the little critters in the garden outside.

The indoor outhouse now blends into the room after we gave it a coat of white paint as well instead of it being painted the dark brown color.

A little bit better shot of the racks in the center of the room and the washer wall. 
I will say, I am much happier doing laundry in this space than I was before. I actually don't mind it anymore. 

And one last thing that we did that I forgot to share yesterday was that we replaced the lighting in the space as well. We bought these small round track lights from Home Depot so we could aim them in different areas of the room to give light directly where needed. Each side of the room has the new light so it is definitely bright down there when all the lights are turned on. 

And there you have it!! 
Talk about a transformation! 
We both kept saying why didn't we tackle this space sooner once we finally had it complete.

You can check out our other home renovation/makeover projects in my "house" label. Lots to look through!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Handmade Hangout Party #173

It's Thursday which means it is time to party! 
What have you been doing lately that you have to share?

You can visit all of the hostesses at the links blow.

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3. Have fun!!

Basement Makeover- The Process

You guys, I have talked about working on our basement for MONTHS and I am so stinking happy that I can actually can start to share it with you today!

This has been a work in progress since end of March, beginning of April. It has been mostly done for quite some time but with Travis's busy training schedule over the summer it wasn't fully finished until recently.

Before I get into all the details, let me show you what the room looked like when we bought the house and what it has looked like the past two years. 
The room was just dirty from age, faded, dark, painted with yellow walls and ceiling, red floors (hello mustard and ketchup!) and brown accents here or there. It was terrible! 

As soon as you walked in the door you had a view of the girl's trampoline. It was a short, not fully size trampoline so we set it up in the basement for the girls to use during the nasty cold winter months. To the right as you walk in, we moved a large shelving unit that the previous owners left and it was full of items. It wasn't suppose to live there but we had to move it from the location it was in to fix the floor under it and then once that happened it never went back until now. 

As you look to the left, you get to the laundry side of the basement and more storage. We have 3 columns in the center of the room, one original and two were added later probably when the second floor of the house was added in the '40s, so they line up awkwardly. The giant rug on the floor was left by the previous owners and it was actually in our master bathroom. We definitely didn't want to use it in there so we drug this ginormous, heavy, wool rug to our basement to hope it would help with warmth in the winters. 

Then in the far left corner, was our indoor out house, utility sink, and washer. 
The washer and dryer sit on super thick pieces of plywood that sit over the original wood floor that, we assume, the previous owner put down for more strength under the washer and dryer and just stand out again the red painted floor.

As soon as we moved in, I had a plan of exactly what I wanted to do to the basement it was just a matter of time to tackle the huge job. After talking about it forever and after finishing many of the other house projects, it was time to tackle it! 

We began by clearing out the room and giving it a good cleaning before we started to paint.

To help get this massive job done, we busted out the Finish Max paint sprayer from Home Right.
This thing was a life saver since we had so many seams between all the wood on the walls and ceiling plus duct work.

 With living with the room so dark for so long, I knew I wanted to paint the room bright white! No surprise really, that has been my go to color with this house to make it brighter and I have not regretted it once yet.
Travis would paint the walls and ceiling with a roller and then I would come behind him and go over the area to fill in all the cracks and seams between the wood. So much better than having to use a brush to get between all that! 

It was also SOOOOO helpful when it came to spraying all the duct work in the basement!

Once the walls were done it was time to tackle the floor!
Since we painted the walls white, I wanted to add some sort of pattern to the floor for a little whimsy so we primed and painted the floor white then went back and painted large gray stripes. I LOVE IT! 
We left three rows white then painted five gray and it was perfect. Plus, we painted the thick plywood under the washer and dryer so it would blend right in now instead of standing out. 

I did want to add a tiny bit of color but nothing too bright that it would stand out big time in the room so I used the left over aqua paint from the girl's bathroom and painted the columns and the trim around the window with it. It was the perfect added touch of color to go with the stripe floor. 

After all the was done and we let the floors cure for a week or two, it was time to move stuff in. 
Well, it would have been time but that is when Travis's training started and he was either out of town or working crazy hours so things got a little pushed back. He made sure I had a working washer and dryer and that is about it for the room. I didn't want to move the heavy stuff alone because I didn't want to risk scratching the floor so things sat. But I was still able to go down and use this awesome space for laundry and it was amazingly brighter and so much more cheerful! 

We made a little progress on the room when he had a small break in July but then he went back to it in August so needless to say this was a long project! 

It is done now but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the full reveal so STAY TUNED! :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Craft Room Tour

Hello friends!! I hope you are all having a great fall!! After two weeks of temperatures in the 90s it is finally starting to cool off again this week and I am so excited about that. Along with fall comes thoughts of upcoming gift seasons and for someone like me who makes the majority of my custom items around Christmas I needed to get my craft room completed. You may remember back in April I gave you a little tour of my craft room in its infancy. We had just moved a month before and I was just starting to put everything in place. Well, its' been five months and I finally feel like my space is getting organized!! Yay!!

I have my tables in place and almost all of my items have a home. It is so much easier to make my custom pieces when I know where everything is. I also don't end up buying as much because I know when I truly run out of something and don't just buy because I can't find something. I have been making a lot of necklaces lately along with some custom family illustrations and home illustrations! Feel free to check them out in my etsy shop!!

But without further adieu let me show you some pictures of my cleaned up and organized craft space. I did have to reposition some things to fit better than what I originally had planned but it works so much better.

Here is the before of my corner that was going to just be a desk for business paperwork and such....

But it is now my sewing area!

Here is the before of what I thought would be my sewing area and then my painting desk. I was thinking of doing a big corner desk but I'm really happy with the way this area turned out.

I found an old door at a garage sale for $20 and then got the two white shelves from Ikea. I put a piece of plexiglass over the area where the window is in the door. I wasn't thinking of getting a door with a window in it but I really love it. I think it helps make the room brighter. The white shelves on the wall and the metal rod are from Ikea also. 

I love my "Maker" wall and am working on putting some more maker walls together as if you're interested in a trade let me know!! 
I found the old "pepsi" crates which store my paints at an Antique store in the area and I had purchased the black bookcases from Walmart and Target. 

I love this space so much. And even though I don't have a window it doesn't feel like a black hole!! I have more ideas for adding more color too! I'm not quite done with this space!

This is the before picture of my shipping station. It hasn't changed too much but I have added a few things to the area!

 The clipboards hold my orders...order forms, paid and shipped. I have everything I need ready to go, all my business cards, pack ins and shipping supplies. It makes it so much easier than having to go digging for things when it's time to mail items!

This wall is really the only one that hasn't changed!!

 I still have to work on my closet. It is a huge mess and things are just piled in there but until I can get some shelves built in there it will just have to stay that way!! 

Thanks for taking a tour with me!
 Let me know if you have any questions! I would love to see your craft room...drop a link in the comments so I can check them out!!!

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Felt Halloween Advent Calendar

October is already a week away which mean Halloween is just over a month away. That seems so crazy to me! I'm ready for October because it is my birthday month but not sure I am ready for all the halloween chaos to start as well. 
As I've stated before, I am not much of a Halloween person but I still want to make it fun for the girls so I decided to make a Halloween advent calendar this year for a little fun and so the girls now just how much longer it is until they can get all dressed up for trick or treating. 

This is a fairly simple project but it does take time to create all the accessories to decorate the pumpkin. 

Here is how I made it.

-Large felt pieces in orange and color of your choosing for background. I used a dark gray for the background.
-Small Felt pieces
-Fabric Glue
-Fabric Markers
-Glitter glue/stickles (optional)

Trim the background felt to the size you would like. I bought a yard of felt and then just placed it on the wall to gauge out large I wanted it and trimmed it to size. 

 Cut a pumpkin out of the large piece of orange felt then glue to background felt. 
I decided to do a tall skinny pumpkin so I could add pockets for the days on both sides of the pumpkins but you could do a shorter, wide pumpkin as well. Do what you like.
I then added some grass with green felt and a brown stem. And I used fabric markers to add a little bit of detail to the pumpkin.

Using leftover background felt, cut out squares for the pockets. I then wrote numbers on the pockets with a fabric marker and then went over the numbers with gold glitter stickles.

Once the glitter was dry, I glued the pockets onto the background felt.

And that is it for the main body of the calendar. 
Time for all the fun things! 

I recruited Travis into helping me make different faces and accessories for the pumpkin. As you can see, he had a little fun with it. 
We made a few different sets of eyes, noses, mouths, hats, beards and mustaches, and other accessories.

Roll up the accessories and place them in each of the pockets so that each day they get to pull our a new item in which to decorate the pumpkin with. 

I started the calendar with a basic jack-o-lantern face and as the month goes on, the more fun stuff comes out. 

They can make some pretty crazy faces and I think they'll love it! 

And since felt likes to stick to felt, they can play and change up the face all month long! 

I think they are going to love it! 

I will state I wish I made the pockets a little bigger or slightly different since the items we made were on the bigger side so I had to really fold and shove them into the pockets but they work and that's all that matters. 

They can't wait to start the countdown! 

I also have a Felt Turkey Advent Calendar to countdown until Thanksgiving! 

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