Tuesday, October 3, 2017

"Autumn Shows Us" Printable

Once October hits, I fully embrace the fact that autumn is actually here. For some reason, I can't fully accept it in September. Perhaps because the leaves finally start changing and warm day become less and less, well I guess that depends on where you live, but for me it is true. 

 Today, I have a new autumn inspired printable for you to use in your fall decor.

I went a little different with the color scheme with this year's printable but that has been my thing this autumn in all things I've been creating. 

I saw this quote and thought it was perfect to make a printable, especially with all the crazy things going on in this world. 

I hope you enjoy it and you can grab a copy of yourself below. 
And just in case the widget isn't working for some reason, you can also grab it here.  

I created this as a 11x14 if you'd like to print it that large but it can easily be downsized as well. 
As always, play with your printer settings. I liked mine better when I hit "shrink to fit" on my printer settings.

Looking for something different?
Here are my other autumn printables you can snag as well.

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 "Autumn... last loveliest smile" Printable

"Give Thanks" Printables

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